December 9, 2010

December 9th, 2010

Dear Sofia,

Your mama can be a basket case. I hope it's a long time before you realize this, and perhaps being a mother will make me more responsible? I pray that is the case!

But.. I struggle with stupid things like spending too much time on the computer/internet and spending too much money on clothes (a sad admission). Since you've been born I noticed a down trend in both of those because I am spending so much more time with you. Hooray!

Here is a list I made last year of things I wanted to accomplish. I have put in bold the ones I actually did.

1. Pay off at least three substantial debts - some medical stuff and a major credit card

2. Sponsor a child from world vision - Gospel for Asia actually, but same diff
3. Learn how to take good photographs

4. Get my health under control: develop healthy eating, sleeping and exercising regimens - pregnancy has a way of helping you eat well! And I finally had a great workout regimen.. before I had to stop exercising because you were due soon. [sigh] I will get it back! And sleep? No, I'm afraid that is a mere dream now - no pun intended!

5. Put away more savings money; keep a budget

6. Spend significantly less than I earn; donate more than I do
7. Work a higher-wage job with more responsibility - Yes! This job is currently paying for you via short term disability.

8. Write with more clarity and on more variety of topics - Working on this. Started the fashion blog, too.

9. Read at least 20 books; decrease dependence on computer and internet for entertainment - Maybe not 20, though I read a whole lot in the summer. I'm reading "Burmese Days" by George Orwell now. There's plenty of time to read while one nurses!
10. Get involved with a social group of some kind (church, hobby, charity, sport) - Sadly, not yet. This is the biggie for 2011. Maybe you are my ticket into some women's groups, huh?


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I feel kind of like a loser now.

You should feel really, really good about this list! I mean, who actually checks things off their list!!!!

Give 'er a kiss for me!

Aunt Julee said...

I think you've got a great start on #8...I love the new format and I'm looking forward to your take on a "variety of subjects" because most blogs bore me with their repetitiveness.

I hear ya on this computer/internet thing though! I've resorted to setting a timer.

I can't promise that Sofia will read your posts, based on my experience, but you've got me hooked ;-)


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