January 1, 2011

December 23rd, 2010

Dear Sofia,

See these pictures? This is why I don't like to make gluten free cookies!

They take a lot of ingredients to prepare, the dough is difficult to use (super sticky) and they stick to the pans
so removing them means breaking them into tiny pieces.


I can make great brownies, cake, cupcakes, muffins.. I just can't do cookies well. Even with a mix something always seems to go wrong.

But, this year I did make some sugar cookies for Christmas eve and they turned out very nice.

The trick was, they are dairy free also (because your first cousin, Kristan, is df as well as gf). I had better learn how to make cookies consistently so you and I can do them for Christmas in a few years!


cityfarmer said...

there's still a few of these lurking in my pantry.
I'm thinking, I should consume them.

thanks again for coming to Gramma's

Burkulater said...

Those look fabulous! I could never get mine to turn out either!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I've got a 3pm sugar craving - they look like they would do the trick!


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