January 24, 2011

January 23rd, 2011

Dear Sofia,

Someday, baby, you will understand that your mom is weird. But.. not in an awkward or embarrassing way. Rather, I have too many things I want to do and not enough creative outlets for them.

Also, I'm an idea stealer. I see something cool, I will copy it. I have no qualms about this. I'm a good art copycat, which makes it easy to decorate my home with beautiful pictures - without having to buy those tacky reproduction posters (apologies if any readers like those, I just prefer the tactile element to real paint). Or, I see a fashion I can't afford and I can easily try to sew it myself.

I do have a thing against knock-offs, meaning fashion or accessories that are pretending to be the real thing but aren't. I do not like those. But my copies are ok to me, probably justified in my mind because I know it's a form of flattery and not trying to usurp the original item.

That is a long introduction to the following picture. Sofia, your auntie Angela sent me a series of photographs of a woman's baby, dressed and posed while she sleeps. They are AMAZING. They are so amazing that I thought, "I wonder if I could pull those off." Now, I still do not know how to work my camera (which is dumb, because I've had it over two years!) and this was a first attempt, but I still think it turned out ok. And, so long as you don't mind I would like to try some more!

*If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to use them!

P.S. The "big bad wolf" is Pousse. He's the only thing close to a beast we've got around here, and since he's pretty silky, he doesn't make for a very tough-looking villain!


SherilinR said...

we love mila's daydreams too. my daughter sometimes likes to create & pose herself in her own version of those type photos & then puts them on her blog.
i think yours with sofia is very cute. our kitty starred in ours too.

Victoria said...

Hi Sherilin! These really are fun.. I will check out your daughter's take on them, too. =)


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