January 25, 2011

January 25th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

I don't think I want you to have a social network account. What is social networking? Punchline: a huge waste of time! Ha!

No, just kidding. Although I often find myself in a wormhole on facebook, I mostly like to check new kid photos and read funny stories from friends in other states (that'd be all of my friends). Or giggle at how many comments I get on funny pictures I post of you get.

But, in case anyone reading this blog would rather NOT participate in the myriad information stealing tactics on said facebook, below is a link to a short article detailing how to remove yourself from most info-mining. Mostly it involves resetting your privacy options, but there was an element there I wasn't aware of.

Best tip from me: don't stay signed in. Just uncheck that box. Otherwise, every partner website you go to while you are still signed in will steal your stats. There are a ton of partner sites to facebook; that's how a "free" site makes money, you know.

Baby, I already see your eyes meandering to the glow of the laptop screen sometimes. Look away, look away!!

Love, Mom

ps. Here is the article I mentioned.

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