May 16, 2011

May 16th, 2011

Dear Sofia,

Your Auntie Lea (the middle sister in my family) is having some surgery this week. I don't talk with her enough. Today I am thinking of and praying for her as she goes through what could be a troublesome time for her.

Not that she's worried. Auntie Lea is many things, but worried doesn't seem to be one of them. She's a mom to Maia and Joe (and I keep hoping for more), wife to Nathan and daughter to our parents. She's a friend to so many it's borderline unbelievable.

And to me, she's my sister. My special sister who told me a lot about growing into a woman before I asked, because I was too shy to ask anyway and she knew it. My sister who let me be her bridesmaid but asked first if I would mind when they got married, the date being so close to my high school graduation. My sister that I called to tell I had gotten into trouble at school, who sensed something was very wrong and never judged me (although she had every right to).

This week we will be praying especially for your Auntie Lea and her family. We will probably call her on the computer, too, so she can see you sitting up by yourself. I think she would like that. I would do anything for her, but the best thing we can do is pray.


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