May 23, 2011

May 23rd, 2011

Dear Sofia,

You haven't seen the commercials because you don't watch t.v. but just so you know.. Those "google" spots about a dad writing to his daughter (whose name happens to be Sophie), well, that was my idea first, and it's what sparked this blog.

So if you ever wonder if I was uncreative and just copied that.. I didn't. They copied me!

And also, for your information, I am not usually one of those "that was my idea first" kind of people - because who cares; if it's a good idea for someone then another will probably also think of it, too. I just wanted you to know.. this wasn't some contrived thing. It just.. happened.

And now I've probably ruined the sweetness of it by drilling the point of whose idea it was! Arrgh, moms just can't win can they?

Whatever. I love you and love writing about/to you.


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