April 16, 2008

Does it make me the biggest sinner in the world because I...

in no uncertain terms HATE the snappy little crunching noise and hours-long lingering smell of microwave popcorn made by coworkers?

The sound makes me want to rake my fingernails up and down the wallpaper in effigy. The smell, caught somewhere between burning plastic and burned, synthesized butter-like product, almost makes me wish it was boiled Noni juice that they were making a meal of (anyone who knows Noni will get the stank of that proposition)!

And this post doesn't make me feel better, either. I'm a cross between someone justifiably incensed by the world and its utterly absurd temptations (everything from believing that microwave popcorn is somehow a 'diet' food to feeling entitled to blog about someone else's innocent afternoon snack) and regular old, run-of-the-mill sinner.


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cityfarmer said...

OK it must be something in the wind today...every little thing is perturbing me..even how long it takes to cash a check at the drive thru...I mean really I go there twice a week and they ( same teller) acts like she's never met me before....may I see your ID please? Whatever
...and oh then the neighbors dog pooped right in front of our mailbox...and then I tried a new fruit market today that had the Aldi shopping cart "put a quarter in it" thingy goin on...so I carried my produce around in a shopper tote and about broke my wrist....and then the village sent us a certified letter about a project they want to do that they've been trying to initiate for 10 years, and I freakin' have to go to the post office to sign for this silly letter?...the print on the public hearing insert was so small that you needed a magnifying glass to read it...so I scribbled some unmentionables and went and dropped it in the village hall drop box....oh and the neighbors' tree trimmer guys moved ALL of my bird feeders and bird baths and did not put anything back like I had it....so I called William Schumacher and Son's and told him what I thought about that...

all in a day's sin!


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