April 20, 2008

Opening Weekend

I think you should all go see "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," a documentary by Ben Stein. And since the length of run-time in the theaters depends on the opening weekend attendance (and it is opening weekend for this movie) you should go see it on Sunday. It has been highly rated and aims to demolish the un-scientific theory of evolution. Check it out on IMDB here.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Owen said...

Here's a user review from IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

By standards set for documentary making by folks like Al Gore and Michael Moore, this film certainly deserves an Oscar and much more. But it will likely receive little but loud ridicule because, after all, Ben Stein not only exposes academic and scientific hypocrites for what they are, he also exposes the complicity of the very media industry that enables that hypocrisy. The howling you hear over the film sounds to me like the shrieks of nocturnal creatures thrust into the light. There really is a valid connection between the blind and repressive methods of Hitler, the Communists and those who refuse to allow that intelligence might have entered into the creation of life. Unfortunately, it would also be fair to ascribe the same dangerous methods and thought control to some (not all, but some) religious folks on the other side of the debate. That is the one failing of the film -- that Stein does not equally expose the "world is flat" folks on the creationist side. Perhaps because those people are largely not the ones now in control of government, academic and scientific institutions. Really, the words of the films' antagonists are left to largely speak for themselves. Some complain that Stein was not entirely upfront with interviewees about what he was up to. The inference of those complaints--that interviewees might have offered a different set of facts had they known what the film would ultimately expose--only adds to Stein's case. Like America's "third rail of politics," Ben Stein touches the third rail of the academic/scientific community. There is bound to be plenty of noise over this one. I hope at least some of the noise comes to the rescue of scientists who unfairly suffer from ideological purges. Oh, and do see this film.


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