April 7, 2008

Hot Baby Names for 2007!

Just for fun... here are some of the *hottest* new baby names as taken from national newspaper announcements for 2007. For extra points, guess whether these are for boys or girls!

And by the way, don't expect any of these names to pop up in the Owen household! We're old school, baby.

Avalon Azaria Arabella Baylor Brielle Brenner Briar Brecken Cannon Daxton Finley Grayson Graydon Hadley Jaxon Kale Keagan Latham Makai McCall Nyla Quinlan Ryker Ryland Saylor Skyleigh Tenley Waverly Zander Zenden


Owen said...

Here's some I've been kicking around in anticipation of a little nominal Owen.

- Sulfur
- Breezy
- Africa
- Diotema
- Scranton
- Butter
- Breath
- Galaxy-quest
- Sonar
- Nebulon
- Satan

baby boy said...
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Owen said...

Oh right, and I forgot to mention, of course, that the last one there is pronounced Shahtohn.


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