December 30, 2008

And now, for this...

This blog is about to be improved, courtesy of a Christmas gift.

I've never had a real camera. I have had an Advantix widescreen point-and-shoot, a digital point-and-shoot, a rather infamous Polaroid and several disposables (which shouldn't even be in the same category). But until this year I have not used a manual camera of any kind.

That is, until N. gifted me with a lovely Canon S5 is.

It's little, it's powerful and the pictures so far are beautiful!

Of course I lament not having it in the summer- wistfully imagining macro close-ups of budding plants and herbs- but alas, it will have to cover much ground until spring.

I took it out for a test run this afternoon when the sun was still fairly high in the sky. It was a balmy 36 degrees. Scattered clouds.

I took 134 shots; about 50 made it past the cutting room floor. The best of the best is below, with a twist! It's a photo caption contest, folks. Any genre, any caption. I will pick the best in approximately one week's time. Submit as often as you like!

N's suggestion is to use this image for greeting cards. Perhaps another small business is in the making?

Now try not to laugh too hard...


Owen said...

"How could what is perish? How could it have come to be? For if it came into being, it is not; nor is it if ever it is going to be. thus coming into being is extinguished, and destruction unknown."

cityfarmer said...


Mimi said...

Now, put down the da*ned groceries and unlock the door! I'm not sitting out here for my health, ya know?!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

"You people make my ass twitch"

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

owen - doubled over at your comment.

Victoria said...

Parisienne Farmgirl- you have won the contest!!


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