December 2, 2008

2 For Our Side

Oh, Obama. How you are able to institute "change," and so quickly!

Changing his mind, I mean. His appointments of James Jones (National Security Advisor) and Robert Gates (to continue as Defense Secretary) are truly statements of change that Obama voters may not join him in cheering for.

But I will. Why? Because they're nothing like Obama, or his supporters. And that's a good thing.

James Jones is a former Marine general and NATO commander. He knows the world we live in, has faced the enemies of our country head-on and will provide some back bone to the upcoming administration.

Robert Gates is the current Defense Secretary and has become a powerful proponant of both the surge in Iraq and the war in general. Gates has been to Iraq, know what is working there and what won't (i.e. a set end date in 16 months). His contribution will continue to be (I hope) the support of fighting the war in a measured way.

Hilary Clinton's appointment (foreign policy advisor) is obviously controversial and not one I can immediately endorse. But even she might be good for the administration, providing some much-needed deflating of the Obama hope balloon. She's an opportunist, to say the least, and perhaps that spirit of competition will light a fire under the President-elect to make some bold moves (not just bold speeches).

*Update: Yesterday Gates said it is imperative we "find out who" committed the terrorist atrocities in Mumbai over the weekend. Why did he sidestep the fact we KNOW who did it, we have one of them in custody and he has confessed? Am I wrong about this guy?

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cityfarmer said...

you are right on my dear.
I was thinking along the same vein exactly.


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