December 13, 2008

This is not the life

This is a very strange post for a Saturday evening; it's about "Hannah Montana."

I did not grow up with the Disney Channel, but my cousins did. We watched it over family vacations every now and then, and I vaguely remember thinking it was a little weird, but not knowing why.

At our house, we had Mtv. So of course Disney, with its non-sexual content and hippy-dippy shows about kids who loved their parents seemed a very far cry from our after-school programming of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

But I never thought much about Disney channel since I was a kid- except for one night when Nic recalled a favorite singer of his (Martika) from the station and made us watch videos of hers- until recently when, after dismissing this whole "Hannah Montana" craze for another Debbie Gibson episode, realized she is a global presence.

And that is a very scary thing.

I have obviously underestimated the little studio crooner. She recently made yet another top 25 stars under 25 list featured on Yahoo (my sad replacement search engine for Google which I despise.. but I nixed Google after finding out that they support the gay rights agenda). Then I noticed my coworkers going on and on about what to buy their little girls this year, how it's Hannah Montana crap again.

Apparently she does indeed have the "best of both worlds:" she's the apple of every little girl's eye and thus her face is practically on every bill in the parent's wallet. (The "best" comment was a little inside joke for you HM fans who read my blog...)

So what's my beef with the staged phenom? Three things: her making out with a fellow character on her t.v. show; her "Jesus is my homeboy" profession of Christianity; the content of her music.

The first two are self-explanatory, so I'll just give you this video as an explanation of the third. To a Christian, should the life Miley Cyrus leads be "the life?" It's a place of decadence and superficial relationships, fleeting fame and devoid of serious contemplation of who God wants her to be.

Is this the life God wants us to lead?

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