December 4, 2008

The Sexualization of Our Children and Beyond

Here's a link to an interview with a 9-year-old boy who just wrote the book, "How to Talk to Girls."

It might interest you to know he began writing it when he was eight, after seeing lots of his schoolyard friends having "trouble getting girls." Perceiving the need for a primer that they could understand, the boy wrote it and later had it sold at a school book fair.

Shouldn't I be as proud of this boy (and he is still a boy, at least until he "finds the right girl"), as his school is, that he has successfully written a book that "helps" his little friends?

Shouldn't I find it cute that he has already developed an interest in little girls? (I do recognize here that God instills in us the desire for the opposite sex at birth, but that is no promotion for his behavior.)

Shouldn't I shrug this off as just another little kid having his fifteen minutes of fame for saying "the darndest things?"

As a Christian, as a potential mom, as a lover of all children and fighter for their childhood preservation, I can't help but see this for what it is: the indoctrination of our kids, teaching them that sex is something to be "explored" and "questioned" as early as possible.

Liberal voters freaked out when conservatives suggested Obama's push for sex ed in elementary school meant teaching kindergartners how to put condoms on bananas. But if this story is any indication, we might be headed in that direction already.

This is how fascism works, folks: The leaders and media get people used to the idea of something (sexual exploration, for one; liberal political bent, for another) slowly, gradually and with plenty of kitsch value (incorporating children as much as possible; see: the elementary school singing an Obama anthem and a related post) until we don't even notice the changes anymore.

Pretty soon they can pass the Fairness Doctrine, give mandatory birth control pills to girls ages 9 and up, add-on Muslim prayer rooms to public schools, remove books that are considered "too controversial" (meaning, too conservative) from libraries or make only certain rights available to certain people who sympathize with the government (no matter what) without so much as a frown of disapproval from the masses.*

Before you cry "conspiracy theorist!" at me, take another look at the items I just mentioned and recall if you've seen any of them in the news lately.

Then again, if the government-darling liberal media is doing its job, you wouldn't have.

(*Check the "Headlines and Links" portion of the sidebar here for more info.)


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I give you a big cliché...GO GIRL!!!!

Dang - give you a mic already! Quit your day job and send in a demo tape for the love of this country - can I be your not-as-well spoken side kick??? "Mad Housewives" anyone??

Did you hear the one today about the Planned Parenthood employee that fudged info about the father of an abortion patient? it was a sting but a girl posed as a 13 year old said she got pregnant by her moms 30 year old boyfriend and the employee says, "let's say it was a 14 year old schoolmate"


cityfarmer said...

oh for the love of Pete...

I've heard everything now.

p.s. mailing the blue shirt tomorrow.
missn u already

Victoria said...

PF: I haven't heard about that one, but I watched a video from a high school girl who went to several Planned Parenthoods on the east coast seeking an abortion... it exposed staff who told her to fudge the ages, the names, even put a fake name for herself, and told her they would never EVER tell her parents. Great.

Two other girls called abortion clinics across the nation inquiring about "services" and were also encouraged to lie about ages, and not to tell their parents.

The expose girl was a pro-life student and gave her findings to 20/20. Awesome!


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