December 4, 2008

Christmas- Friendly Shopping, pt. I

As a HUGE proponant of companies that openly promote Christmas (and not the blasphemous "xmas," or Muslim Eid, or solstice, or kwanzaa or other non-holy "holidays"), I will be compiling a list of these places for your shopping convenience.

There are also non-tangible gifts, if you are the kind who likes to give in the form of charity, or just doesn't like guessing what someone wants. Please consider, if you are buying us gifts this year, choosing something off these sites, where the money generated from sales is used for the promotion of God's glory through education throughout the year.
Below is the beginning of the list. Please see upcoming posts for more. Recommended items are featured, too.

World Net Daily ( : books, magnetic bumper stickers, conservative t-shirts

* Recommended: "Scam, How Black Leadership Exploits Black America,"

by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

(Rev. Peterson is the founder of BOND- see sidebar)
also, check out WND's Christmas store (click here for link)

Westminster Bookstore online ( : Reformed books, apologetics, applied Christianity, study Bibles and more

Recommended: "Reasons of the Heart," by William Edgar

This is a great beginning apologetics book. How better to glorify God and celebrate Christmas by learning how to defend the faith? (Nic gave it to me for Christmas last year.)

Also recommended:
"Christless Christianity," by Dr. Michael Horton

This is a primer of all the current "alternative gospels" being offered in the American church. Extensive research has yielded insight about the prosperity gospel, new age and mystical practices, the watering-down and outright betrayal of the great commission.

From Rob Bell to Charles Finney and everyone in between (Pagitt, McClaren, Warren, Osteen, Jakes...).

World Vision ( : Here you will find intangible (in the sense that you will never see them) gifts of animals, education supplies, Bibles, food, shelter, water and clothing

Check out their gift catalog (found at this link) for many gifts under $30, or to donate a share of the larger-cost gifts. Please consider sponsoring a child, too; it costs $35 a month and provides so much. It's a great way to spread the real Gospel by personal letters and contact you have with your sponsored child.

Recommended: American Families Assistance Fund (click here to go to the page)

Why not help out in our own nation? Thousands of children and adults here need our help and to know the Gospel, too. This fund works with churches in the U.S. to provide critical supplies like clothing, food and water. In addition, these families find shelter in churches where they can be told the Good News about Christ, our Savior.

Also recommended: Donate Bibles, Youth Bible curriculum or Christian education to students around the world. Click on the items to go to the page and donate today!


Caron said...

Hi! Thank you for this! I hope to read Michael Horton's book soon... Along those lines, check out the video on Justin Peters' web site...
It is EXCELLENT. He exposes false gospels - especially the Word of Faith movement... He spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

Victoria said...

I am a big fan of both White Horse Inn (Michael Horton, et al) and Dr. MacArthur.

Thanks for the link! And especially thanks for reading :)


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