April 9, 2009

Last day to submit comments regarding conscience clause

Today is your last chance to submit a comment in support of the conscience clause, which protects healthcare professionals by allowing them to abstain from practices they ethically object to (such as abortion performance, the next day pill, birth control, euthanasia assistance, etc.).

Here is how I worded mine: Which would you rather have serving your health needs- a doctor who is principled enough to refuse you certain kinds of treatment (leaving you completely free to seek another doctor who would administer the treatment), or one who is willing to do anything, to anyone, at any time?

Furthermore, removing the conscience clause will force many religious healthcare facilities to close; included in this would be Catholic Family Services, Bethany Methodist Hospital, and the big Joliet hospital that nursed a friend back to health this past summer after a traumatic brain injury. This is just to name a few in the Chicago area. Oh, and the pregnancy care centers nationwide that encourage young, newly pregnant girls to consider alternatives to abortion? Well, they can still do that, but they'd also have to talk over the abortion option- by law.

Let's help keep Planned Parenthood what it is, and not force everyone else to act like them, too.

Please go to www.Freedom2care.org to submit a comment. You can submit either as a patient or as a healthcare provider.

Here is an alternate link: http://www.freedom2care.org/action/message/patient

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