April 29, 2009

Low-Flying Planes, High-Flying Coverups

I'm not buying the 'photo op' story to explain the low-flying Air Force plane at all. Since we don't have journalists (i.e. people who get the 'story behind the story') anymore, let me offer this scenario:

Imagine a servant of the U.S. government sees it being overtaken, overrun, with elected officials doing as they please... the free market principles, real choice (including the choice of keeping one's baby), the objective good being destroyed with every flick of the signing pen...

He sees Congress gain a majority who want to spend more money to create more programs that have been shown, over and over again, not to work (education, welfare, social security, housing reform)... bald-faced lies and outright defiance of the pleas of its constituents to stop abound...

He sees the newspapers, internet news sites, Associated Press, talk show hosts, celebrities, producers, filmmakers waging a unified attack against dissent of any kind against the President or his cabinet, Congress or the media head-nodders and talking heads...

Then, finally, he sees the President himself shaking hands with, bowing to, exchanging gifts, and 'fist-bumping' with socialist and communist, genocidal dictators in foreign countries (perhaps even contracting an epidemic flu because he refuses to close the borders and protect the nation's legal citizens)... those same socialist leaders celebrating his arrival on the political scene, laughing with him at the remaining Americans not willing to give up their freedom, their country...

What should the servant do when he sees all this? Blog? Call his representative? Lobby in Washington for impeachment? This is a desperate situation, something must be done quickly, it's a time for action...

Your country has been hijacked and is headed, headlong,
into a socialist dictatorship.

Could that be the message the pilot was trying to convey? Think about it.


cityfarmer said...

Mr.B.O. will pay for this in some way or another
I'd be a little concerned if I was him or his family.

I feel an uprising stirring.

Brother Theophilus said...
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Anonymous said...

The attack isn't against dissent to Barrack, but the attack is on morality - which is owned by God and the imperatives only He could've established.

It's by logical accident that "dissent of Barrack" is where the attack is manifested.

What you and I are observing, is unadulterated, turning from God and the conscience He gave us.

I liked your emphasis on more as the nature of the constituents of the United States is becoming a mantra of "give me more".

i.e. = id est, "that is to say"
e.g. = exempli gratia, "for the sake of example"

Victoria, I agree with you, but with one qualification, not "wake up sleepy Americans", but "wake up sleepy Christians" - i.e. Christians are not defiant to "the world", but appeasing the world, in trade for our profession of Christ.

"Wake up sleepy Christians, lest ye be lukewarm".

The Mad Housewife said...

I can not keep up with my brother - both of them.

In fact - after a glass of wine on an empty stomach and the tantrums I prayed for grace to handle today I can hardly understand such educated writing.

But I do give this post a big fat "Mad Housewife - Rage Against the Obscene" - AMEN!

Burkulater said...

I tend to think that even people who are not "Christians" have the moral capacity to see things are not as they should be. It is common knowledge that life begins at conception, but now abortion is commonplace. It is not shocking to end a life in the womb anymore. Also, people of all walks are concerned with the government's hand in things of the people and for the people. I pray that "We the people" will not stand for it forever. Great blog.

Victoria said...

Just a couple notes: I specifically wrote "sleepy Americans" because the concern should be for everyone, and not just Christians. I think people do know things are going very, very wrong but feel powerless to do anything. Brother Theophilus has entertained that a civil war is coming...

We, as Christians, do have a responsibility not to give up, precisely because others will- and because, even though they "feel" things are wrong, they cannot articulate how or why, or what should be done. In short, it's up to us.

I'll keep blogging until I'm banned from the internet. And then I'll just start shouting in the streets. At least I know I won't be alone.


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