April 23, 2009

This is what SEIU thinks of Republicans

SEIU is "Service Employees International Union," a special-interest group that lobbies on behalf of union members nationwide.

Here's the copy from an e-mail I received from them (not sure how I'm on the mailing list) regarding the recent right-wing push to block Kathleen Sebelius (the baby-killing, Planned Parenthood-worshiping dragon lady that she is) from being promoted to Director of Health and Human Services. Being one of those "crazy right-wingers" who sent letters to my Congressmen urging them to not elect her, I was not surprised to find SEIU's position on the matter to be, well, liberal hypocritical spin.

Check it out. By the way, the italics and bold here are theirs, not mine:

"Dear Victoria,

Remember when Republicans tried to block Hilda Solis?

Well, they're at it again. It began when a Republican committee member put a last-minute "hold" on the confirmation of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to be our next Health and Human Services Secretary. And now, while Sebelius awaits a final vote in the Senate, extremist outside groups are demanding that Senators block her confirmation.

The HHS oversees everything from protecting our nation's food supply to funding hospitals and immunization programs. It's also a key agency in fixing health care. But right now, a George Bush-appointed accountant is running Health and Human Services. (You don't have to be an expert in the Bush administration to know that this is bad news.)

Opponents of health care reform would like nothing more than to see the HHS Secretary's office remain empty. Ever since President Obama's inauguration, they've done nothing but offer blanket opposition to his agenda-many boasting a 100% filibuster record this Congress.

Unfortunately, we know this is just the beginning. Those invested in the status quo will do whatever it takes to see that health care reform fails."

Now, it seems to me there's a MAJOR conflict of interest in appointing a pro-abortion rights lobbyist to a position that would oversee, amongst other things, the reproductive choices for thousands of women. It seems so obvious it's laughable. Gee, I wonder if someone who threw a party for a pro-abortion doctor in her home state, which was co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, has any stake in pushing abortion over family planning and adoption efforts?

Nah. I'm just imagining things. I will now go back to my fantasy land. La la la la la!


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that she also has tax reporting issues.

Well, at least Barack Huessein Obama is consistent in appointing tax evaders to his cabinet. The list is like 5 or 6 now, including our darling you mention.

Moral and ethical relativism.

A doctor and mother can legally abort a baby. Yet a man who murders a pregnant women, gets two counts of 1st degree murder.

We can blame all inconsistencies on the left.

I enjoy your assertive and clear blog posts and look forward to continue reading them.

Rick said...

Thanks for sharing what the now leftist controled unions think of pro-life supporters.
Thanks for your support of the "little ones" as I call the pre-born who have only us to defend them as they can not defend themselves. I consider abortion nothing less than pre-meditated murder.

Victoria said...

Socrates- Not to make a bad pun here, but Old Bama's cabinet is bare. Have any of his appointments been corruption-free yet? I haven't seen one. They are full of hypocrisy, no doubt, and they still continue to blame it all on George W! Incredible. I'm waiting for GW to say, "I was already out of office when Obama bowed to the Saudis..."

And yes, the left seems to get narrower in focus and policy by the minute. They simply can't see outside the immediate response, as you state so well in your 1st degree murder example.

Rick- Thanks! I enjoy supporting those who can't speak for themselves, and their mothers who have been chided into abortion unfairly.

But you know what the liberals will say to your pre-meditated murder statement, right? That abortion rights must be protected for those rape and incest cases where the girl becomes pregnant! Forgetting, of course, that those cases account for less than 2% of all abortions performed...

Thanks for reading, guys! It's nice to have a male perspective. :)

Bonjour Madame said...

Of all issues, this one hurts my heart the most. It is absurd that people think abortion is ok. The ones that really scare me are these like the one you point out that actively promote it. It's just sick.

Calm Energy said...

I try not to judge, but I must have a spirit of discernment...

How can anyone who claims to believe in God, also believe that killing a child, moments before birth, is pleasing to Him.

I am hounded year after year at my place of employment, to donate to a political action group that mostly supports democrats ... the few republicans on the list are liberal leaning... I refuse to donate to this group - it's VERY uncomfortable for me... but I don't want a penny of my discretionary income to go to candidates that support abortion. "Let my no be NO."

Thanks for listening :) Maria

Farmgirl Cyn said...

This is good, Victoria. As always, thought provoking and well written!
If you get a chance, stop by my blog today. I have re-printed from Holy Experience, and I think you might enjoy it.

Victoria said...

Maria- I agree, it is very disturbing. When I was younger and a leftist, there was something unsettling to me about approving of abortion. It was so much easier to say "pro-choice" instead of what it really is...

I appreciate your sensitivity to the unborn. They need all the activists they can get. One of the best ways is to refuse giving pro-abortion groups your hard-earned dollars! Good for you. :)


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