April 20, 2009

From Tolerance to Compliance

Forget about the Jeanine Garofalo calling tea party attendees racist; Perez Hilton far exceeds her in disgusting behavior towards a Miss USA pageant contestant when, after she responded to a loaded question about "gay rights" with a consistent Christian view of the issue, he called her an idiot and a b---h on his website. This is, of course, after he made sure he didn't vote for her to win (he was a judge).

We have now moved far beyond tolerance and into the outright demand made of Christians to comply or get out of the way. This is not just "shut up," this is being bound and gagged.

James White had a commentary, seen below. I hope you will heed the alarm sounding that Christians are going to be shut down in as many arenas as possible, with a violent fury we have not seen yet.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

This does not come as a surprise, for the Word speaks of being persecuted for His name sake. Praise God she stood up for what she believed, likely knowing it would cost her the crown. Never mind...there will be crowns laid up for her, if she is truly a believer, for speaking what she believed, and not what she knew they wanted to hear. Shame on Mr. Hilton, for his statements concerning this young woman. And yes, we will see much more of this, for we are in these latter days.

Victoria said...

The irony is that Hilton said the role of Miss USA is to be, "an inspiration to everyone." Well, of course he only meant 'an inspiration to a select few' of his cohorts.

But instead of serving as an inspiration to that 10%, Miss CA has proved herself a role model to a much larger population, that of Christians (including teenagers and women, perhaps the most in need of role models).

As you said, there will be better crowns! As for Hilton, he has already earned his horns.

Burkulater said...

I've been following this story too. It is a shame, but I've heard Miss CA speak to Matt Lauer and I was so humbled. Could I have done what she did? Would I have provided a fringe answer to keep my earthly desires in tact? This sister in Christ has a faith that will not back down, no matter what the world might think of her. She's certainly made her Lord proud.

Calm Energy said...

Good evening! Great post!
...In the middle of her answer, Miss CA made a conscious decision to be a witness of truth. Her single testimony is reaching far more people than a win of this contest would have reached in a year! Entering into the presence of God turned a manipulative question into something of beauty...What P.Hilton never expected, I'm sure!

socrates1 said...

I also blogged about this topic.

I am so happy that Carrie Prejean stood so boldly for God!

That was really remarkable of her, in front of so many that she took that position and she didn't even bat an eye about it!



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