August 7, 2009

Depends on How You Look at It

All those people attending town hall meetings about healthcare reform really give me the willies! After all, aren't they a bunch of fear-mongering, trouble-creating, special interest-concerned, fakers who don't even really care about uninsured people getting helped? What a bunch of jerks!

But, of course, that's just one side's opinion on the protesters. Are they really who and what they are being media whitewashed to be?

I ask you to remember the numerous protests at the onset of the Iraq war. Remember the vitriolic shouts of anti-war protesters, the puppets and name-calling, the outright hatred of President Bush on display for weeks, in major cities and subsequent newspapers. All the protesting against that was considered healthy and productive, an expected by-product of citizens' good intentions and strong convictions.

So why don't the healthcare reform (a.k.a. government owned and operated insurance) protesters get the same respect? It's to be expected from the majority of the media now, after they've sold their souls to the Obama administration. After all, they've got so much invested in towing the line that to speak on behalf of the protesters' rights (Constitutional) would be career suicide within the new pro-President framework of what used to be independent journalism.

Are you surprised, however, that the President himself calls them (non-supporters of his program) people who are "getting in the way" of progress? Are you surprised that he would agree with Nancy Pelosi that they might be extremists and 'right-wing nuts' for not agreeing with him? I wouldn't be at this point. He's said as much already, and he obviously doesn't respect any citizen, least of all those who disagree with him.

I'm disappointed that a man who throughout his campaign told us he wanted to 'bring people together' and work with 'both sides of the aisle' to come up with 'bipartisan solutions' to our nation's complicated problems thinks so little of some of his citizens that he has 1) enouraged pro-President citizes to report suspicious e-mails or conversations regarding the healthcare reform, and 2) told a group at a rally yesterday that these people (dissenters) should just "get out of the way" so he could "clean up the mess" that has been made (presumably by them) in the health insurance arena.

President Obama should be ashamed, but he won't be. He should see how unwise and un-presidential it is to scoff at and place blame on common citizens, and to agree that they are probably motivated by special interest groups.

He should be ashamed, but he won't be precisely because he doesn't care.
And that is really disheartening.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Did you hear Congressman Brian Baird (WA) comment? What a bunch of nut jobs. He says we are talking out of the playbook that led Timothy MC what-ever his name was to do what he did. Unreal.
I am itching to go to a Town Hall meeting but I can't find one close so far - just give me a mic and watch out.
-Proud Dissenter

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Krauthammer (our fav) saying that the protesters should chill out because they are giving ammo to the libs? I disagree--there would not be such an uproar about this (and health care probably already would have passed) if the protesters were more polite and civil. I say LET 'ER RIP!!!

Victoria said...

Hmmm... Yes, I have to disagree with CK on that one, too. That actually seems uncharacteristic of him, to tell people to "simmer down" (essentially). Although he is pretty cool and collected most of the time, so maybe that's just his take?

NO WAY should people sit down quietly about this one. They (we) don't like the reform being promoted, we don't like the misinformation and we don't HAVE to support it if we don't want to. So there! :)


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