August 15, 2009

Now Receiving Transmission...

Maybe I mean that blogger will now be receiving my transmissions of posts? Or maybe that the internet is now receiving my messages through my computer?

Er... I think I've confused myself. Not for the first time... nor will it be the last, thanks to the wizardry of Nic and the wireless at the new apartment! I can now blog from the comfort of my own laptop.

Seriously, I thanked Nic profusely for setting this up (which took over three hours to do) because of the ability it gives me to search for jobs and keep myself busy with setting up an etsy account and other things. And, of course, keeping up with my talk radio shows, hotair links and news briefings (what have you people done without me? :)

Everyone say thank you to Nic now in unison for bringing me back into the world. Leave a comment if you like.

Hmm... now all I have to do is think of posts to write...

P.S. Isn't it funny that I'm saying 'the world' when I mean the internet world? I haven't disappeared from the real world! Ah, shows what having friends all long distance will do to your self-perception...

1 comment:

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I don't know what I have done with out you!
So happy for you - thank you Nic! Set up shop, find those jobs and blog your brains out!


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