August 17, 2009

PJ Media Twofer

Here are two articles from Pajamas Media on the state of the Obama administration. It's fun to find out what other people are saying about him now that enough time has passed for the propaganda slogans to die down in chorus.

To those that are still trying to shout out "hope and change!" over the passionate outcry from town hall meetings over health care reform I must ask, "To whom are you shouting, and why?"

Frank Fleming:
Aren't They Getting Tired of Calling Obama Opponents Racist?
(Quote from article: "It’s pretty mindless, though some try to dress it up to look smart — as liberals love to do.")

Roger Kimball:
Channeling your inner Goldstein: Obama's Renewable Two-Minute Hate Fest
("He doesn’t explain it. He blames others, especially President Bush.")


angela said...

hey you nasty racist!

found a blog you would love and it has gluten free recipes!

Victoria said...

Whoa- thanks! Why do I recognize the name of that blog? Have you mentioned it on a post or something?

I'll check it out. I'm back to loving cooking again, since we have so many gf items here! I just about cry when I go into whole foods. AND now I don't feel icky supporting them since the editorial from the CEO...


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