August 20, 2009

Great Moments in One-Liner History

You can't be a "progressive" without showing any progress!

"Progressive" is yet another word that liberals think they have solitary control of. Yet, none of the programs they introduce as intending to help citizens have allowed them (citizens) to progress beyond the programs! In fact, government-organized and maintained systems of support produce a dependence, making self-sufficiency difficult and, honestly, not at all attractive to people who have become accustomed to living off its benefits.

So who has "progressed?"

Not the people who liberals say they are helping; they've become comfortable, reliant on programs that do not give incentive for paying your own way with the sweat of your own brow. And not the liberals themselves; they have been parading out the same kinds of "solutions" for decades, trying to dress them up in new language when everyone knows it's just clever utilization of buzz words for a different generation.

Thus, the term "progressive." It doesn't mean anything, but it makes them sound good.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Kind of like the word "enlightened". It can have a variety of meanings, depending on who is saying it!

Victoria said...

Yes, another good one that is multifaceted.. or should I say multi-faced?


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