February 11, 2010

La Vita è Bella

Oh boy. You are going to get tired of me talking about being pro life. Well, so be it; it's on my mind.

As I'm driving to work today I glanced over and saw an appalling bumper sticker. No, it wasn't "End this war," which someone who works in my building has. [So 2000. I bet you dollars to doughnuts she doesn't know anyone serving, nor knows what the objectives are. In fact, I've talked to several people directly involved and it only gets more complicated as time goes on, not less.]

Anyway, you know how I feel about bumper stickers. They can be harmless, or extremely passive-agressive. Usually it's the latter.

The one I saw today just really bothered me though. So much so that I'm writing this as soon as I got to work, which I really shouldn't be doing! But...

It said: "Choice - It's a beautiful thing."

Does that make your stomach churn, too?

If we're talking about "choice" in the general sense, and by "beautiful" it simply means to imply goodness, then I'm in agreement. In this country we enjoy a plethora of choices, in what we drive, where we live and work, what we eat and buy, who we associate with. Having a lot of options can be a good thing. I like that I can choose Puffs over Kleenex, for example. There are countless other benign examples to be given.

But, it's not meant to imply choice in a general sense. And "beautiful" doesn't just mean "good" either. And that's what makes my stomach turn.

The sticker is talking about reproductive choice; the options of seeing your baby to term and keeping him, seeing him to term and putting him up for adoption, or choosing to end his life. I ask you, honestly, and especially to anyone who considers him/herself "pro choice," can choosing to end a child's life be considered beautiful?

Ok, let's imagine it's not a child yet but just a mass of cells (this is what Planned Parenthood tells women in its "pregnancy counseling"). Even so, is the "eliminating" of such an abstract thing something to be called beautiful?

To me, beautiful things are full of life, not devoid of it. Flowers. Fruits. Dancing. Paintings. People! These things are beautiful. How can an act of destruction lump itself together in with these wonderful gifts?

Having the ability to choose what happens to you - in the limited way that we are really making things happen for ourselves - may be called "exciting" or "difficult" or sometimes downright "impossible." It may make you anxious, thrilled, weary or wary. A choice may turn out to be scary, beneficial, hard work or easy, but it can't ever really be beautiful in any way, can it?

Especially not the choice to turn away a child growing inside you. Really, beautiful??

What do you think - can you even see their (the "pro choice") side of this statement, or is it just repulsive?


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Yo- lovin these posts but don't you have a blog to unveil? I must see photos.

debylynne said...

i am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with you but will restrain myself because i have caused MUCH agitation on some "dialogue" sites - even from "Christians".
so, thank you. no, there isn't one beautiful thing about destroying an innocent life. nada.

Victoria said...

Hey debylynne, Don't worry about that here! Anyone who reads my blog is definitely not without strong opinion. And I love to hear new ones. Go ahead, this is a good forum for whatever you want to say.


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