February 3, 2010

Play Cupid to U.S. Troops

While you're making those delightful glitter-spackled creations with your children this week, or handcrafting a valentine box for them to bring to school, don't forget to send a card to our servicepeople, too!

Freedom Alliance (a U.S. military-serving organization founded and run by Lt. Col. Oliver North) is offering to send valentines and fresh roses to wounded servicemen at both Walter Reed hospital and serving overseas. They had a similar program at Christmas. Take a minute and send a few. It's always nice to know someone likes you, right? If I don't get any valentines, I'm always a little sad. Fortunately with so many nephews and nieces I don't have to worry about that anymore!

CLICK HERE to send a valentine to one of our servicemen/women

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