February 9, 2010

Sex and More Sex

Whoa, hang on! This isn't some racy V-day post! Keep your knickers on, people.

No, seriously.

And while you're at it, how about helping your children do the same? Personally, I think 10 years old is too young to be learning about the "pleasurable and positive aspects of sex." But Planned Parenthood doesn't. They're so excited about gradschoolers exploring their sexuality that they're advocating "extensive" sex ed for kids as young as 10.

I guess when your business is helping kids get out of unplanned pregnancies, you've got to find new and creative ways to help them get into that situation in the first place. (DID I JUST SAY THAT? Well, it's sensationalist but there is a huge grain of truth to it.)

Here's a link to their report.

Somewhere around page eleven I saw this quote:

"Tackle the inequitable distribution of money, power and resources - the structural drivers of daily life - globally, nationally and locally." What do you suppose THAT is all about?

I really hate Planned Parenthood. There, I said it. I don't have a million followers who will bail on me for being honest! I used to have a dialogue (no, seriously; stop laughing) with the director of PP for SW Michigan until he grew weary of my constantly antagonizing him. But I really did want to know why he felt he could condone giving free birth control and abortion counseling (meaning: tell them how easy it was, and how inimical a baby was to a student's career) to university students without so much as pointing them across the street to the pregnancy help center (specializing in pregnancy counseling of the pro-life variety). If he - and all his PP crew - are so "pro-choice" why not offer ALL the choices?

To say nothing of their dispicable geographical choices for new clinics. Most of them are in poor, black neighborhoods. Is that a coincidence, too? I happen to think every baby, despite what color it may be, is worth saving. But, hey, that's just me...

Cross-reference the Tebow post from earlier today. That guy ain't gettin' NOBODY pregnant. Now that's what I call planning for parenthood.


Burkulater said...

Awe man! No vday sex talk?! Just kidding!

I agree 1000%. I'm glad to know the superintendent and principals of our school district are strictly for abstinence training, but I'm sure my poor grandchildren will be subjected to disgusting material like this if they are raised up in the public school system. California leads the way. We are not far off.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I saw an article about this yesterday.

I hated PP too. They are...bastards...and I swear, they think we are all so stupid. They make MONEY doing what they do...no wonder your old corresponder would not direct those young ladies across the street.
It's a business, they have weekly, monthly and quarterly goals I am sure of it.

That last line about Tebow was hilarious.

Diogenes Sarcastica said...

Most people don't realize the founding history of Planned Parenthood and their connection to the eugenics movement of the last century. Goes to show ya a lie repeated long enough......

Victoria said...

Yes, they do have quotas to meet. Absolutely soulless... check on youtube for the former PP director's videos - I also added to my facebook page - she says flat out her boss told her to "get [her] priorities straight" and meet those goals. She wondered, as did I with my PP penpal, isn't the goal to PREVENT abortions??

But no, sadly it is to keep them rolling in. I could cry right now..


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