February 19, 2010

New blog!

Because, really, can you have too many? One for each batch of interests I'd say. I long ago tried to combine them all but it seemed too weird to have a recipe, then a political rant, then a post about what I wore last Tuesday. Or, maybe I don't know how to make 'em work together?

Whatever. I like compartmentalization!

Join me for some fashion fun on my new blog: 1/3 Life Chic

If you'd like an explanation of that name, go to the first post. It's basically like this, I'm not at a quarter life stage (age 25), not yet middle aged (or 1/2 aged if you like), I'm somewhere in between. So my style is in that "1/3 life" spot.

Also, only every third day do I attempt to wear something cool! =)

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