October 6, 2008

Folsom Street Blues

*** warning * graphic text and innuendo follows***

Once again the Folsom Street spectacle (I refuse to call it a "fair;" fairs don't have totally naked men walking around pleasuring each other) of sadomasochism has made its way through the winding streets of San Fran-sicko, California. For those of you unschooled in the ways of this parade of debauchery... God bless it! You've not been exposed to this filth masquerading as "free love." Unfortunately, after reading this, you'll get the idea and be appalled. D'oh!

This year I'm not going to honor it by writing anything grand, or even scathing. I'm not writing more than 300 words about it. That said, I want to refer you to a couple points:

--Miller co-sponsored the event this year. I hope knowing this will lead you to modify future alcohol purchases.

--Americans for Truth is an organization committed to exposing the gay agenda (and the corporate support and furthering of it) in the broader sense. The link provided here will take you to their "corporate promotion" page, which highlights who's who among gay supporters. You will be SHOCKED at who is donating to PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and the HRC (Human Rights Commission).

In effigy of the Folsom business I have changed my homepage and search engine to Altavista, instead of using Google (they donate oodles of money to support gay "rights"). I encourage you to reconsider your buying patterns after you read what Americans for Truth have put together on the topic.

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cityfarmer said...

looks like need some more electoral votes.....

this news of this post leaves me sick...thanks for all of your hardwork investigations.....

Happy Birthday dear one!!!!


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