October 25, 2008

Planned genocide in the black community

I love black people.

I respect their culture, their commitment to family, their loyalty and ability to survive and strive toward better lives for themselves. And I do not believe that a small percentage make for a proven stereotype about black people (i.e. they're all on welfare), or that predominantly black neighborhoods are bad, or that all black people love violence and crime!

Which is why it grieves me to see black people trying to hurt their own brothers and sisters by promoting abortion.

This year we've heard an outspoken proponent (Jeremiah Wright) spewing a completely convoluted idea about black people being held back "by the white man." While Wright's commitment to black liberation theology is totally immoral, he has brought to national light that there are challenges in the black community that need to be addressed, for the good of the whole country.

Abortion is the biggest of these challenges. To be precise, call it an "epidemic."

There are significantly more abortion clinics in black neighborhoods throughout the U.S. than in white, or even hispanic communities. Black women account for 37% of abortions performed in the U.S., and the rate of black abortions is 15 million over the past thirty years. Abortion now ranks as the #1 killer of black people in the U.S., topping all disease, accident and crime deaths.

Planned Parenthood is the largest, most accessible abortion clinic in the U.S. Of course, they do provide other services, such as free contraception, adoption options and family planning education. That is, sadly, unless you are a black woman. In that case you will be encouraged to seek an abortion, destroying any chance that child had to have a life, and leaving you to struggle with the emotional trauma and regret of that choice for the rest of yours.

Barack Obama wants to make sure black women have that choice at their fingertips.

Just one more reason not to support this man as leader of our nation.

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Post sources:
Guttmacher.org statistics on abortion
Black Genocide.org


Anonymous said...

This video is incredible! Does anyone know how to post it on YouTube? And/or who the guy in the video is? And the song?
Very powerful message!

God Bless!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Wow. Never forget a report done by a fellow 9th grader so many years ago about the "Hilter type thinking" behind the founder of Planned Parenthood. So funny you posted on this subject. I have been wanting to for some time. But now all I have in my head is Jerry McGuire screaming, "I love black people!!!"

Victoria said...


I will re-post with the video links after work (can't access the site here)- so check back later.

If you want to do more research - and I think there are more videos from this guy - go to

Thanks for the comment!

Mberenis said...

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