October 18, 2008

John Stossel's "Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics"

I try not to kvell about news.

After all, with the "dinosaur media" (t.v.) consistently feeling out their unchecked power in new and frightening ways (like Diane Sawyer only sticking up for Obama, for example), it's hard to even take what they're saying seriously. When you suspect them of stacking the deck so viciously, why even play the game?

Having said that, I've been a fan of 20/20 since I was about twelve. Back then Barbara Walters was my gal, and I could make a strong argument that her presence on Friday night t.v. inspired me to personal journaling, college journalism and, ultimately, this blog. But she's since gone awol, indiscreetly pandering to the liberals in a most disturbing way. I used to look up to her, for goodness sake; now she's on "The View!" Several other tried-and-true anchors have also turned left recently, which leaves wide open space in the weekly news genre.

Enter John Stossel.

Though I don't always agree with him, he has proven himself to be the most objective journalist on the scene nowadays. He's put together two great specials in the past year, one on the stupidity of our students (pre-college) and his "Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics."

In the latter, Stossel takes a stance against the broad scope of government, citing several ways in which more bureaucracy has been equal to less progress in the actual arenas it's trying to control, including the saving the family farm, regulating campaign spending and rebuilding of homes after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. His interviews with economists and politicians are revealing of their agendas in surprising ways.

These topics may sound boring, but trust me and watch the videos. For me they are a welcome break from the relentless individualistic campaigning of the two presidential candidates, while simultaneously talking about the candidates and how government works (and doesn't) in a broader sense. Eye-opening!

I've put them all here so you don't have to search on You Tube.

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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Laura had him on the other day! He usually does a pretty good job! Love the new look.


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