October 10, 2008

McDonald's agrees not to promote 'gay' agenda

I referenced this a couple days ago (see: "Folsom Street Blues") in regard to companies that donate to the gay agenda. By way of the Americans for Truth website, I found out McDonald's had donated $20,000 to the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The American Family Association quickly promoted a boycott of the fast food chain.

The AFA has now called their efforts a success since the McDonald's executive who had been serving on the NGLCC board decided to step down from his position and take a job for McDonald's Canada. McDonald's also stated that the executive liason position to the NGLCC would not be filled by anyone in the future.

"McDonald's stated that the company would remain neutral in the culture war surrounding homosexual marriage," the AFA said.

So... your only conflict of conscience now is how bad that food is for you! But their fries are good...

You can find the full story on World Net Daily here.

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cityfarmer said...

oh gee, I buy Aidan fries maybe once a month


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