October 24, 2008

Pretty, Witty and Mommy: A faux feminist's worst nightmare

Call it old school cattiness if you like.
just don't care for Sarah Palin.

But what makes Palin so offensive to these women? Let's look at what "feminists" believe in to get a better picture.

Sarah Palin is pretty, in a womanly way. First, we all know if you support "women's rights" you can't care a lick what you look like because physical appearance distinguishes us from men. This woman thinks John McCain chose Palin as VP runningmate based solely on her physical appearance.

Sarah Palin is pretty. Really, naturally pretty; women and men alike recognizing it. And that's a problem.

Palin dresses nicely. Her suits are designer and come with a price tag most of us aren't used to. That is, unless you're an executive, lawyer, doctor, anchorwoman (Diane Sawyer) or talk show host (Oprah), in which case you are comfortable acknowledging that dressing professionally is part of your job. If you're an editorial cartoonist, however, Palin's suit choice can easily be linked to her presumed stupidity (see the Oct. 24th cartoon). After all, who on earth would pay those prices? Only a woman who doesn't spend her reduced wages (compared to a man in the same job) wisely.

Sarah Palin has a lot of kids. One of them is a retarded baby that will certainly cause her problems because of his "special needs." It must be on Palin's mind; she's always talking about those darn special needs kids. In fact, Trig is already inhibiting her career; will Palin be able to juggle being VP and breast feed at the same time?

Palin's large family also points to her lack of confidence that her career would fulfill her, like any feminist's would. If she were smart, she would've had her two and gone back to work. After all, think of where she could be now if she hadn't been taking care of all those kids at home?

Palin's witty and charming. Palin is quick with a joke that endears her to reg'ler folk. At a rally in Florida, which country singer Gretchen Wilson attended, Palin spotted her in the crowd and said, "Someone called me a redneck once and... I said 'thank you!' "

This is an obvious weakness of hers for two reasons: a real feminist would never show any sign of vulnerability. Remember when Hilary Clinton cried during an event? And look where she is now. Secondly, smart feminists now that the majority of women out there are backwoods, baby-having, religion-clinging, out-of-touch, uneducated dopes. And feminists for sure can't be seen associating with them.

Palin stands her ground. Now, normally this would be a good thing. If Katie Couric had been berating Gloria Steinem (whose name be blessed), for example, in the same way she recently did Palin, Steinem would be laughed out of academia if she didn't fight back. Double street cred if Steinem chose not to answer the questions at all.

But for Palin, not answering with the exact words Couric is trying to leech out of you means you're stupid.

Forget that a tenant of feminism is supporting other women- in professional careers, for example, taking care not to join in with men as they belittle and discredit fellow women. In any other case, this would mean NOT reposting stories in which people call Palin dumb, Caribou Barbie, inadequate, stupid, a liar, or worse.

If feminists held to their own professed tenants, they'd be clamoring to interview with Sarah Palin.

If they didn't promote abortion, wanting women to choose their own lives over them and their baby's...

If they admitted that they'd prefer their fellow feminists to be woman-lovers, or at the very least, man-haters, and traditional marriage opposers...

If they admitted that conservatism- in any area- just doesn't mesh with their views...

If they stopped being hypocrites by voting according to their feelings about a candidate and not because of principle...

If feminists would for once be honest and call themselves something else, I'd be happy.
Because I'd like to get on board with equality for women, but not if it means giving up on Sarah Palin and every bit of real progress for women that she stands for.


cityfarmer said...

from the moment I first laid eyes on her...I commented....."ya know what it is....she's feminine....she's not your ypical Washington bu(i)tch...ooops.....yep I said that.

Anywhoo...well said....she's tough and tender and I love it....I'll forward u an email from a cousin about how close the race really is.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

You been listening to Laura or are you just THAT good!!!!


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