October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin delivers speech on special needs

National Review editors have posted a nice piece - perhaps the only piece in widely-read media that will be written - highlighting Sarah Palin's recent speech on special needs child education and the school voucher idea that might save it.

Palin, and John McCain alike, support granting school vouchers to parents so that the government education money is tied to the child, not the school. This frees parents up to find a school - sometimes specialized, like an art, religious, occupational or special needs-oriented - that will best address the education they want for their kids. Privately-owned institutions would also have more freedom to address problems with individual students, as the class and school sizes would stay low (unlike a public school that all types of kids from all jursdictions attend, where the general populations are higher).

Palin's three-fold plan includes mandating "federal funding for IDEA [the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act], which requires state and local public-school systems to make full provision for children with special needs." Palin also emphasized that a personal approach is necessary for making any real progress in the area of education as a whole; as opposed to simply throwing more money into public schools, more choices need to be given to parents so that, much like the health insurance industry, government red-tape is eliminated and federal guidelines do not prevent children from getting the individualized education they need.

Please read the article by clicking this link.

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