November 5, 2008

Assorted post-election thoughts...

I'm a hothead, certifiably so. But I've tried to collect myself a little and produce something a bit more measured. Continues below...

My coworker Courtney, who is black, told me other black employees are smiling and winking as they walk by him: "I know why they're doing it," he says, "But, do they know I voted for McCain?"

The proximity of Halloween to the election: When the sugar high wears off, and the transparency of nodding in agreement to each other is finally noticed, when Obama can't possibly deliver all that he has promised... will voters turn against the "candidate for change?"

Related quote: "Do not bite the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it." There is a hook with Obama for sure. Most people just haven't realized it yet. As Laura Ingraham said to the media, don't come crying to me when he can't hold up to his campaign promises.

People are willing to sacrifice the care and security of our nation to take part in "history being made." Are we still supposed to believe that race was not a factor in this election?

My plan: to reclaim all the anti-Bush slogans of the recent past and apply them to Obama. Oddly, most of them fit without any change. Call that irony at its finest, and a new slogan at that: "No change is change?" See sidebar for graphics.

Simulated hype:

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