November 14, 2008

Somebody Done Mixed the Messages

Two articles for you, both from MSNBC (these are the types of stories they consider "religious"):

First, a Catholic priest urging his parishioners who voted for Obama to abstain from taking communion, citing Obama's support of abortion and other liberal politics. But, in offense against an absurd argument, these things being true about Obama shouldn't say anything necessarily about one's relationship with Christ, should it?

You will find that article at this link

Secondly, a "progressive" pastor strongly encouraging his married parishioners to have sex for seven days in a row in an attempt to "rekindle their intimacy and committment to one another." Makes sense, because everyone knows the key to a good marriage is, first and foremost, having great sex, and often, right? And we all know that sex = intimacy, too. Because no one has ever had sex- in or out of marriage- just because they wanted to, while at the same time being really mad at their spouse?! Let's put it out there, people..

You will find article number two at the same link, it is a video

Hollar at your girl.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Are you being sarcastic in the first paragraph? Maybe Im too tired.

Victoria said...

If you mean the "being an Obama supporter doesn't say anything about your relationship with Christ" part, no I wasn't being sarcastic. I really don't think the two are necessarily linked.


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