November 20, 2008

The Emergent Church "Leaders" in a Snapshot

Tony Jones, former head of Emergent Village:

" that way, I'm agnostic. Because every day, I don't know [if God is true]."

EV recently decided to forgo its non-profit status and "emerge" as more of a "social-networking organization," according to their press release.

Here he is being interviewed about being "born again," a concept he sees fit to mock.

Doug Pagitt, director of Solomon's Porch

In this click commercial for his new book, Pagitt implores us to seek a "new Christianity," one "free" from the obligation to "find validation in things of the past."

He also states that the answers of "the past," those found in the Bible which address the issues of the day, are no longer relevant, and should not be taken as authoritative.

Rob Bell, (beta male) leader of Mars Hill in Grand Rapids

In this preview from his onstage performance (under no circumstances will I say this is a sermon) entitled, "The Gods Aren't Angry," Bell speaks of the "primal life force" in each one of us at birth. Though, frankly, the title of the "piece" should be enough to show his heresy; in several portions of this performance he speaks of both gods and goddesses. No where will he say there is one God.

More to come...

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