November 21, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

It being Friday, many folks' favorite day of the week, I'd like to contribute with some of my favorite things found on the web.

Many of these items can be found on my sidebar, but with a personal recommendation you might be more inclined to visit their sites. So, without further ado...

"Carrying on the tradition of the early reformers," the White Horse Inn is a group of pastors and theologians dedicated to discussing current issues of our society from a strict Biblical perspective.

Mike Horton is the J. Gresham Mechen professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary; Ken Jones is Pastor at Greater Union Baptist Church in Compton, CA; Kim Riddlebarger is senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church (URCNA) in Anaheim, CA; and Rod Rosenbladt is professor of theology at Concordia University in Irvine, CA.

Recent broadcasts include: "Quitting Church," "What is a True Church," "Creed or Chaos," "Getting Stupid," and "The Courage to be Protestant," as well as a multi-week series produced in conjunction with Horton's recently published book titled, "Christless Christianity."

The White Horse Inn broadcasts on many radio stations nationwide, but they are edited down for time. You can find full shows at and (search for White Horse Inn).

The WHI website is also a great resource for books, articles and links to related issues of the Church today.

I love listening to talk radio while I make dinner. It's become almost a daily practice and I look forward to it throughout the day!

Crosstalk America is another radio broadcast dedicated to seeing current events from a Biblical worldview, but they tend to focus on politics. Broadcasting daily, CT covers all kinds of interesting topics, discuss with guests and then open the lines for listeners to call in with their own comments and concerns. The hosts are beyond gracious in their demeanor, and many times just let the guest talk without interruption (recently, Paul Washer was given the opportunity to share the gospel for his entire segment).

Recent topics include: "Obama's Youth Army Plans" (today's show), "Bailout Madness," "Epic Media Bias," "Black Preachers are Worshipping the Wrong Messiah," and "Science and the Future of Democracy." They frequently speak with guests about the state of the church, especially in relation to the so-called "emergent" movement.

Crosstalk America's hosts rotate between Vic Eliason, Ingrid Schleuter and Jim Schneider. It can be heard daily on radio stations across America, or by visiting

This would simply not be a "favorites" post without my all-time favorite columnist, Charles Krauthammer. Appropriately, his column comes out every Friday!

He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer (I'd call him a journalist, but that would be to categorize him with a lot of crummy reporters), now syndicated in over 150 newspapers and linked on several news sites, such as National Review and World Net Daily.

The man is trenchant. His writing is inspired and large in scope, so much that you might wonder if all he does is read all week in preparation for his Friday publication. Which, if you ask me, is precisely what columnists who claim to have a finger on the pulse of the nation should do.

Krauthammer's insight bowls me over time and time again. For instance, he recently told Laura Ingraham that Sarah Palin's decision to keep her Down Syndrome child, even after she found out he had the condition, revealed a courage in her that exposes the bitter, unfeeling opposite, yet true feelings of "feminists" who champion abortion rights.

You can find a list of Mr. Krauthammer's recent postings here on the Washington Post website. I think he is currently on vacation or something after the election, so his column is currently not being published. I don't blame him; after this election I feel like I need a vacation, too!
(P.S. If the website asks you to sign in, just use velcrotkachuk@gmail for the e-mail and artkid80 as the password. But don't post any nasty comments under my name!)

Alpha and Omega Ministries is the website and resource center created by Dr. James White, a Christian apologist and theologian. I recently posted a video of his that came as a response to the recent election. Dr. White is a dedicated apologist, a true defender of the faith. You can learn so much about how to give a "reason" for your faith by listening to his debates.

Dr. White is the author of several books and articles, as well as the host of, "The Dividing Line," a bi-weekly webcast show dealing with issues of spirituality and the modern church.

Dr. White is a top-notch apologist and Bible exegesist, a reformed pastor and debator of Muslim apologetics. He is particularly dangerous (to his opponents) in the latter category; you can search for these videos on YouTube on his channel (DrOakley)

You will find articles, blogs and announcements of upcoming debates at

Sermon Audio is still the number 1 place on the web for finding sermons, searching the Bible (they link to BibleGateway) and reading transcripts of pastors long since passed away.

My favorites on the site are Paul Washer (who has sermons in both English and Spanish in many cases- great to pass on to a hispanic friend), all the class lectures from Dr. Cornelius Van Til (the best teacher on apologetics, hands down; this man sees the whole picture) and my former pastor, Douglas VanderMeulen.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Have a great Friday!

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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Thank you for these links! I too listen to talk radio while working in the kitchen. I'm crazy about it - I look forward to it all day! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!! Hey - if he gets into Wisconsin that will practically make us neighbors - can you say once a month sleep overs?????


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