November 15, 2008

Still Not the Gospel (AKA Emergents in a Snapshot)

If you've never had the (mis) fortune of hearing Rob Bell speak, this will be a great introduction for you. Pirate Christian Radio's Fighting for the Faith program just did a 'sermon review' of Rob Bell's Saturday "life talk" service on October 18th, 2008.

Bell begins by citing a chapter and verse in Philippians and goes just about everywhere with it except to talk about sin, redemption, substitutionary atonement, or anything else that makes Christianity, well, Christian.

Wait, back up a second. I should say that Bell begins with a "centering" prayer. Throughout his talk he squeezes in some psychology, some humanism, some global citizen talk; you know, just a spoonful of relativity makes the heresy go down.

Here's a quote from about halfway through (when he really gets to his point):

"Sometimes when people say 'the Gospel' what they're really talking about is tribal identity."

I don't imagine you'll get more than 10 minutes in without your skin crawling. But that is far enough to know that this man is not "preaching" at all, let alone giving people the Gospel (that man is desperately wicked and in need of the Savior who, by His grace alone, paid the penalty for and broke us from the bondage of our sin for all time and who, furthermore, creates in us a new heart and identity in Him by which we can once again commune with our Creator, our loving Father in heaven.)

There, I managed to squeeze in a little Good News there myself. And it didn't take me an hour to tell you, neither.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

I was able to choke down, I mean listen to the 1st part of this message. That man is scary. And his "church" is just a few miles from us.
On the other hand, I recently listened to the Paul Washer message you have linked, and it was incredible. That message was given, I believe, at a conference put on by Ray evangelist whose book I am currently studying.
Have you heard Paris Reidhead's message "10 shekels and a shirt"?


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