November 7, 2008

Until Further Notice, Holding My Horses

Please don't hate me for what I'm about to say:
Obama is our President, and everyone needs to relax.

He hasn't made any binding decisions, written any laws or implemented any measures. He hasn't forced talk radio off the air or made mandatory recruits for his socialist army. Obama has not proven he can or can't do any of what he's been claiming all these months.

Conservatives and republicans, this should comfort you.

No one is telling you to accept Obama as your number one guy. No one is telling you not to call him out on bad policy decisions, or if he does try to ban talk radio, or if he does start recruiting. In those cases you have a responsibility to call attention to those bad policies and try to stop them, especially because many people who elected Obama won't. Keep writing to your congressmen and reps, keep signing petitions and following politics as closely as you can stand. Keep defending our Constitution as best you can.

What I am asking is that you accept that he was elected democratically. Even if he was elected by people either too caught up in "making history," or fooled by race-baiting, or willing to overlook all of Obama's associations just because he told them to, or just too darn uninformed to know better- all of which is true- there were more of those people than us, and the sheer number of them insured an Obama victory.

That SUCKS, but it is how our democracy works.

Don't get me wrong- I WANT YOU TO HOLD OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS POOR ACTIONS. But just give the guy a chance to make some before you nay-say.

I'm not getting onto the "McCain wasn't so great" bandwagon either, as many Republicans have as of late. No, he wasn't perfect, but the distance between Obama and perfect is about ten miles wide. McCain would have figured out an exit strategy for the Iraq war, and he would have created jobs by not taxing people to death. I would have felt MUCH safer (not sure I'm feeling safe at all right now) with a McCain Presidency.

And it was a crock of ship how the media handled his runningmate, too, and how they handed the torch to Obama after the primaries. Absolutely disgraceful. I plan to keep a hawkish watch on them especially as they try to go back to being "fair and balanced;" best of wishes with recovering your credibility (with centrists) from the deep hole you've thrown it into.

Now, for liberals...

Obama has not proven he can or can't do any of what he's been talking about all these months. So QUIT GLOATING.

Newsflash! ANYONE elected would make history as the next President of the United States. It's the most important office in the world.

I'm tempted to say it's wonderful that our country elected a black President. But at the same time, does it have any real significance? It certainly doesn't mean racism is gone in America; don't fool yourselves. On the flipside, Obama's being black doesn't make him any more qualified, necessarily, for holding this office. Jeremiah Wright said, "Obama knows what it's like to be a black man" in our nation. Ok. But, can one man's experience really speak for all black people? If you believe that, you're on a slippery slope toward a bad racial stereotype.

I personally don't think it's a big deal at all that he's black. It would have been a bigger deal if Hilary had won.

The point is, liberals, he hasn't done anything yet. He hasn't turned back the tides, healed the nation or reversed global warming. He's STILL not our Savior. He's a fallible human being with questionable relationships and socialist tendencies. For your own good, don't presume Obama will hold up to your idealistic view of him.

So, everybody, take the new Pres with a grain of salt. A HUGE grain of salt. But don't throw away your integrity as an American by saying he's "Not [your] President," like I did.


cityfarmer said...

okay this is the best writing I've read in the post election...

enought of the tears, give me a was not racial, to be're right on.
One thing I still cannot stomach is this boastful, arrogance and condescending attitude from the citizens that DID vote for him....why...just cast the ballot and be done....

I mostly spoke of Bush as you will not be hearing me call B. President Obama....he will simply be Obama...
I'm settling down...BUT we shall see what we shall see....You write so well, my dear daughter...(grin)

cityfarmer said...

okay...via julee I found a cousin.s blog that I think you might enjoy....
I referred him over to you because of this post so well written.

Still coveting your presence at Thanksgiving

cityfarmer said...
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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK - this was a great post. Really great. SO not mad at you. And, I'll confess, my favorite part was the stop gloating part.
Hey - does this mean he is gonna fill my gas tank and I don't have to pay my mortgage anymore????


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