March 10, 2009

Yes, We Did? (aka Bumper Sticker Politics, Pt. II)

Here in south-liberal-fanatic-west Michigan, we see an awful lot of "coexist" and anti-Republican bumper stickers. The other day, at the University (go figure!), Nic saw an extra dose of delusion in this one:

"Yes, We Did!"

This rivals many entries for 'most idiotic bumper sticker of all time,' but I think it might trump even "McCain Insane!" with its absolute absence from the real world (and not just the world that exists on car bumpers!).

Yes, you did... what? Get a black president elected? Ok. Some questions:

1. Was the goal just to get him into office? This wasn't a means, but the end of your cause? That's pretty shallow of you!

** If you remember, the chant of "yes, we can!" came as a response to then-candidate Obama's rallying questions: "Can we fix health care? Can we heal the nation? Can we turn back the tide of rampant consumerism?" So, to claim now that they (Obama's supporters) weren't referring to those campaign promises, but merely the promise of a black president, is not only disingenuous, but a complete rewriting of history!!

2. You did it, past tense. So, it's all over now? The war against racism has been won? If winning the war against racism was so easy, why didn't you try harder to get a black candidate years ago??

3. Now that the election is over, will you go back to not caring about any of the platform policies your candidate supports? Rephrased, are you happy to admit your interest in the election was only in supporting a black candidate and that you care nothing of the agenda he wants to put forth? That's pretty racist!

If I thought this sticker's home was on the back of a parents-paid-for, neon green hybrid that belongs to a indoctrinated college student, I might be less enraged. But I can almost assure you it's home is the bumper of a neon green hybrid that belongs to an indoctrinated adult professor (that's right, folks- someone with a bs).

And actually, I'd be just as incensed either way. Viva la dumbed-down resistance.

Just for fun, I'd like to change every:

"Democrats Serve the People!" into "Democrats Serve the People a Steaming Plate of S---!"

(Pardon my french.)


cityfarmer said...

we shall see what we shall see ... it seems every move is the middle finger...I'll sign this just well, because I am the PRESIDENT...



I say Lloyd Frey for president..the Republicans love those older white haired men!

Victoria said...

HAHAHAHA! I agree. Frey 4 Prez. Why not? He tells good jokes, trusts God and doesn't want to be a dictator!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh this is a great post - I feel your anger - I have not blogged about the jerk in weeks - I just can't, I get so angry, really...
I want to run those coexist cars off the road. Guess I must be one of those hate filled conservatives after all.
Neon green hybrid - when Laura calls them "clown cars" I about spit out my coffee!

FREY 4 PREZ - wonderful.

Bonjour Madame said...

I saw a perfect bumper sticker here the other day. I live in Louisiana, and the bumper sticker read "Preaux Life". Get it? I loved it!

Excellent points you make. It does seem that many just wanted to elect him without any thought into what he actually might do.


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