March 19, 2009

My Work Desk and Recent Projects

In a (very) small apartment, furniture must be dual purpose. In my case, my desk has four-way functionality: it is for sewing, blogging via laptop, storage of gadgets and accessories, and bird watching.

I found this little desk for $6 at a thrift store in Minnesota last winter. It is real wood but not too heavy, so I am able to move it easily without the drawers (which are filled to the brim with jewelry, pajamas, socks, letter-writing materials, laptop accessories and make-up). I have a habit of painting everything the two colors I adore the most: this bright peacock blue and a similarly-hued midori green. Wouldn't you know, I've been thinking of painting this desk that green lately...

Here are some supplies and recent projects in small view. I discovered Amy Butler fabrics and fell in love. I made a set of large blocks for Parisienne Farmgirl's daughter for Christmas, and the ideas sprang out of the fabric scraps.

These are the birds I made from fabric scraps. The dot fabric is actually not Amy Butler, but Michael Miller, another modern graphically-oriented fabric designer. I added eyes and grosgrain ribbon hangers to them, and currently they are housed on the house door wreath (photo to come).

This is a smaller set of the blocks I made for the baby, this time with alphabet letters. They are more hand-sized and good for stacking up on each other. The other item shown is a crib quilt, which is going so horribly I may have to use it for something else!

A long time ago- ok, it was only five years- I used to wear scarves all the time. I got tired of boring bandanas so I started making my own with fabric quarters of various types. I had thought about making a quilt from all the leftover pieces, as a sort of memory quilt, but the fabric was too thin. Instead, I got the idea for making rosette flower brooches, which are shown in this photo. (p.s. available for sale!)

Here are some brooches on my favorite brown jacket. Light and springy!

Lastly, I decided to start collecting some spring-ish decorations, since I don't have any. I couldn't find what I wanted, and remember I am incredibly cheap, so I bought a set of 18 plastic eggs from the dollar store and decoupaged them with tissue paper. The effect is actually quite cute! I was going to also add botanical magazine clippings to them (a Martha Stewart idea) but after I made one like that and didn't like it, I decided to try that on real, blown-out eggs later.

I also make Ukranian eggs (called Pysanky) and will hopefully be making some this year. I keep promising Parisienne Farmgirl we'll do them, and it never works out! Maybe this year. Now, to find the supplies for that project...


cityfarmer said...

this is just how I imagined your corner would look!
Everyone needs a corner ...

the baby items are soft and snuggl-y

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Everybody needs their own corner! I love your baby items, especially the fabric blocks. Isn't it fun giving something that you made yourself?

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

The blocks look wonderful and I feel you about a little work space. I am going to go to town on my cool little room at the end of the hall the next rainy day...I have been remiss in not finishing it all these years...It doesn't help that it's it the region of sleeping children I suppose.
Eggs are my favorite and I can't wait 'til we can do some. We've been saying we we're going to for how many years now??? I've got a little idea I want to try of which you will be the recipient I hope.
Can't wait to see you!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

PS GET OVER to my new ami, a la parisienne - You will find her on my sidebar. She loves Jesus and fashion and you might freak over the Dior dresses she posted on!!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Love your projects! I bought plastic eggs this week at Dollar Tree to decoupage. I was going to try some wrapping paper.



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