March 11, 2009

Headline Headache

I don't know about you, but I'm really being rocked by the news lately.

400 billion, mostly in earmarks, on the new "stimulus" bill and Obama says, "next time, we'll make sure to carefully check out those earmarks first."

Next time? Where is the incentive to believe someone will be honest the next time when this time he could've stripped the bill of pet projects and he didn't?

Two college students in California are trying to get a law passed that changes the usage of the term "marriage" to "domestic partnership." So, even married people would legally be referred to as "domestic partners."

Remember when southern Californians elected Arnold for their governor and then it almost instantly burst into flames (circa 2003)? I'm waiting for the whole darn state to erupt into fire any day now. (Hyperbole, Californians! Don't hate me, please.)

Pro-abortion advocates Kathleen Sebelius and David Ogden being nominated into key positions of the new cabinet.

Sebelius is nominated to the secretary of health and human services! This appointment for a woman who opposed the clean clinics act, which would set higher standards for abortion clinic cleanliness!

Also, embryonic stem cell research- which has been shown time and time again to be fruitless in finding cures to diseases- is back on the table, and with government funding to boot! Embryonic stem cell research has, so far, yielded no results in the form of cures or health-improvement.

Oddly enough, more adult stem cell (donated by individuals) research and treatment is not approved, despite the vast amounts of data detailing cures to spinal cord injuries, MS, autoimmune diseases such as Chrohn's, Parkinson's disease and diabetes!

How am I to make sense of any of this?
I can't afford Laura Ingraham, Glenn is giving people way too much credit in the "common sense" department, Hannity annoys me, Savage is on too late and Rush is giving me a headache.
I guess I have to figure it all out myself.

I still listen to Crosstalk, but it always leaves me feeling guilty that I should do more than just send out e-mails to my senators. But what? I'm broke, the vote's not for a couple of years, and I have little to no influence on anyone I know. Why keep up with it all? I can't do anything about it- except spread my anger to others, or make snarky comments. Even stupid Bill Maher can do that!

The whole thing makes me want to take a cue from the Bible and rest. Meaning, take a breather from it all. How far are we supposed to take that? We're supposed to be vigilant, too, right?

Until I figure it out, please enjoy the next few interspersed posts on random things, including spring crafts. I'll be waiting to hear from you.


cityfarmer said...

"lead a quiet life and work with your hands"....this is one of my favorite verses.

The world had been crumbling since the days of Noah the salt and the light...even so, come quickly, Lord.

I've always maintained that one can't believe EVERYTHING one hears.

God gives the gift of discernment....thankfully!

Anne Marie said...

To me, that's just the tip of the iceburg with Obama- in one ear and out the other!
He's totally contradicting himself-
btw: I too like Nanette Lepore's Spring collection....just so bold and feminie at the same time....

Joannah said...

I totally understand your frustrations, but there are a lot of faithful Christians here in California and fires are indiscriminate. As a Christian and a Californian, it saddens me to see what the nutjobs have done to our state. It really was a nice place to grow up way back when.

Bonjour Madame said...

When I get overwhelmed and quite frankly a little scared by what is happening in politics, I pray. I pray that God will intervene and change their minds and hearts.

And then I try to turn off the tv for a few days and not absorb the nonsense and hyperbole that the news media makes out of everything. Sometimes it really is just too much.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Sorry I didn't call you right back - call me for my Laura info so you can listen!!!!
HMMM, With all this stress, I'm craving...LAMBCAKE!

Victoria said...

Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies! It really does my heart good to know I'm not alone in my frustration.

I'm thinking good thoughts... bright colored dresses, flowers coming up, lamb cake, and of course resurrection Sunday.

Have a lovely day, everyone.


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