March 30, 2009

My Hometown is Almost Underwater

My hometown of Moorhead, Minnesota- which is situated on the Red River, an oddity in that it flows north- is currently experiencing the worst flooding of its history. Back in 1997 I sandbagged with everyone like you'll see in the video below. This year I can't be there, but it turns out a lot of other people could.

Some of those people were the National Guard, some high schoolers from other towns, some residents whose homes were thankfully on high enough ground not to have to evacuate themselves. It's a real mess there, and the snowstorm that's expected to hit in the next couple of days won't help.

Check out the video, see the damage and feel the nervous tension for yourself. Then, please, pray for renewed strength for these people. Some of them have been sandbagging 10 hours a day, or through the night. They need a lot of prayer. Thank you.


Bonjour Madame said...

That has got to be hard to see. Water is a powerful thing and very hard to control. I hope they can stop it. Floods are so devastating. I will pray for them.

Victoria said...

Thank you Madame!!

cityfarmer said...

my head's been in the sand...I did not know this, but then again Fargo is close, right???
I should have figured this out.


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