March 17, 2009

Donate to Liberty Counsel to preserve the term "marriage" in CA!

Hold on to your "domestic partner" tight, folks, it's a bumpy court case in California!

Hey there, fellow bloggers! Just a quick note to let you know about an urgent need for donations to Liberty Counsel, the law firm that is fighting the attempt to change the term "marriage" into "domestic partner!"

Here's an excerpt from their press release about the case:

"Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the homosexual activists' challenge to Proposition 8 -- the amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman that was approved by voters last November.

Liberty Counsel's amicus brief for this case makes it clear that the California Supreme Court has no legal or constitutional grounds to reject Proposition 8. But as I learned when I argued the original same-sex marriage case before this same Court last year, the homosexual activists (and judges with an agenda!) are not deterred by the facts.

During the arguments in this year's case, a "compromise" was discussed that would supposedly satisfy all parties -- affirming the result of Proposition 8 but resolving the alleged "equal protection" problem of not allowing homosexuals to marry.

What was that compromise? Simply end the use of the term "marriage" altogether by the state of California! When asked by one of the justices, lawyers from both sides agreed that the so-called "compromise" would resolve the legal disputes. But the ramifications of a new legal principle that ends marriage would be devastating!

The California court ruling could be announced any day and Liberty Counsel must be ready. No matter who the decision favors, many Californians will be outraged. If the decision goes against
pro-homosexual interests, we expect dramatic public demonstrations and possibly even rioting.

Every donation will help. We rely on the sacrificial gifts from friends like you of $25, $50, or $100. Your gifts literally put our attorneys to work on these cases and other key issues. Click the link below to donate (it is tax deductible):


Friends, please consider even a small donation to support the ongoing legal costs of defending marriage, both definitionally and literally in our nation! Thank you.


cityfarmer said...

I know I should do this....would they take 10-15 bucks, ya think?????

R u planning a garden for your new place?
We are in the 70's today...

Looking forward to Resurrection Sunday....can I set the table for 9??

mmmmm, don't see cf on yourn sidebar..

Joannah said...

Thank you for advocating for this. Those of us residing in California with traditional values are beyond frustrated with this issue. It's like a vampire in an old horror movie rising up again and again from the casket.

Bonjour Madame said...

I haven't been that familiar with the status of the legal battle in CA after it was voted down. I'm going to look into this.


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