March 5, 2009

Have Vogue, Will Travel

Do y'all have perennial favorites? I mean besides flowers. I have a few that seem to crop up every season. They are:

1. choosing one super bright color to wear for the season (this year it's purple)

2. listening to Juanes and other latin music

3. exercising for the enjoyment of it

4. buying the Spring and Fall issues of Vogue.

As for the first three re-occurrences, I have no qualms. What's wrong with rediscovering (every year) that bright colors can be your friend, singing in another language makes you feel smart and exercise isn't just for punishment?!

But I'd love to say in my older and less fashion-forward years I have been able to wean myself off the 700-plus page editions of this magazine and the accompanying cost, both in finite numbers and in seemingly endless yearnings for better clothes which are sparked by this glossy's eye candy.

I wish I could say I wasn't still enthralled by the images therein, making mental notes of dress trends and which designers seem to have finally gone off the deep end. It's actually the most fun to peruse either spring or fall Vogue with a friend, as I found out last year (and man alive, did that one get passed around!).

Since I am not in page-flipping distance from the friends (sisters) most likely to comment loudly along with me, I am posting this virtual Vogue walk instead.


A few things about March Vogue:

1. It was a mere 510 pages! I feel a little cheated, even though spring issues are always smaller than fall. Why is that?

2. Many designers seem to have stuck with their same old, same old styles, hence there are no pics here from Chanel, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, or Ralph Lauren (well, there is one pic from him...a crazy one!). Others have gone so wild I can't bear to publish the evidence! My beloved Etro being one of these.

3. The best and worst are shown here, in four categories: casual, pretty little frocks, sequins for daytime, and what were they thinking?! An additional two features in trends precede the fashion photos.

4. It's mostly neutrals. Sorry, folks, I guess as soon as white can be worn, it MUST. Go figure.

Enjoy! And comment!

First up: make-up trend in bold color!

I'm probably the most excited about this than anything else here in the post. I am a strong believer that a little bit of lipstick goes a long way to brighten one's face, make a girl feel put together and overall bring a sophisticated edge to an ensemble.

Vogue shares its takes on the bright lip: in red. And before you groan about the too-cherry-pie shades, be comforted knowing that LOTS of designers (nars, MAC, chanel, etc.) and drugstore staples (Maybelline, Revlon, NYC, etc) are creating sheer, powder-soft, orange- and pink-tinged versions of the classic red so everyone can find something that works with her style and skin tone. Let's bring back the color, ladies!

Vogue's second beauty feature was about the "new length" for hair: just grazing the shoulders. It's not short, it's not long, it's not soccer mom or bob-length. It's just what it is. And, oddly enough, within days of cutting my own hair this length I bought the magazine and found several others doing the same. I guess I'm just a trendsetter.. :)


Next up: super casual

This is the type of casual I am; somewhat preppy, but mostly of the boatneck-shirt-and-slightly-loose-jeans variety. I'd love to get back to my menswear-influenced style of past years in something like this. It also incorporates another semi-annual favorite of mine- stripes, particularly in a "boating" style. (p.s. everything pictured here cost less than $100!)

If I had the legs... You can't hate on Liya Kebede (the model) too much though, since she's pretty careful as to who she works with, and started a (somewhat) affordable kids clothes line as well. I love the pairing of a neutral sweater and a kicky little skirt. It's another type of casual I like: what I call "half and half," as in half dressed up, half dressed down.

The most effortlessly beautiful dress on anyone is a draped, knit jersey shift like this. Literally anyone can look good in a dress like this with cap sleeves and a modest skirt length. Just watch those khaki colors with your skin tone. A little warmer hue is better for pale skin.

Ok, not really feelin' the cinched pants! But the swingy jacket and big, fabric baubles? Plain white tee? Yes, ma'am.

Next up: sequins for the daytime?

In another world, this tiger-mauled shirt and sequin Hammer pants combo is both chic and classy. But where is that world, Mr. Lauren, where is that world?

My favorite photo from the whole magazine! Not because I love it, or think it's wearable (what event calls for a sequined, city short-length jumpsuit?), but for it's sheer pop on the page. You gotta hand it to Yves St. Laurent- they know how to draw your eye to them.

Prada stuns me with these items. I actually can't decide if I like any of this or not. Anyone?

Next up: what were they thinking?

Miu Miu gives us this step into the future (?) past (?) with this spacy suit and accompanying claw gloves. Taking a page from Beyonce's most recent video... except she's wearing a costume and this lady isn't.

Calvin Klein sends out his most luxurious visions of paper-bag wear with these two creations. Makes me think of the Ben Stiller skit: "Bags, bags, bags! What'll I do with all these bags? Help meeee!"

Here's another bag dress. Sort of hides the figure, eh? Maybe this is exemplary of Klein's compassion for the post-winter woman's figure?? Sheesh, I hope he has a higher opinion of us than that!

Roberto Cavalli manages to hang onto his spot as 'most consistently garish' with this two-pager. I admit to owning a dress with chain graphic, but not photorealistic. Sorry, but it makes me think of Isaac Mizrahi duvet covers!

Not to leave you with a bad visual from the last one... here is part of a three page Prada spread which, for the life of me, I just can't figure out what this is supposed to be. Daywear? Nighttime? Special event?

Lastly: pretty little frocks

Whoa! Cavalli redeems himself a little with this flirty, modest frock. I love the detailing on the bodice and the flowiness of the skirt. Botanical prints can be tricky and make one look older, but this is definitely youthful and fun.

Remember Calvin Klein's goofy bag dresses? His ready-to-wear line boasts this little black and white dotted sundress. Graphics done just right. Now just stick to the normal shapes, pleeeease?

I'm normally not a fan of Moschino (or Alberta Ferretti, or Ferragamo, or Missoni or basically any other Italian designer!) because I just don't get their style. I admit it! I don't understand it, or find it intriguing enough to try to. But I like this LBD from Moschino mostly for the shape and fun ruffles. Black for spring... eh, not my favorite. But it's tolerable.

Narcisco Rodriguez was somewhat of a feature in this issue, since he clothes Michelle Obama regularly (including twice during election big media press events; hello, free publicity!). I like this white frock for it's juxtaposition of feminine flocked dots and bold, black swipes of cinch. It does makes her look a little big pregnant, but maybe it's a maternity dress? Cute, nonetheless.

Versace, another Italian designer I don't like! I find the label to be somewhat too mafia housewife (yes, I used a stereotype; get over it) for me, but I like this cruise wear white dress for the sand dollar-esque bodice. Remarkable to me is that Donatella Versace can tone down pattern so much with monochromatic pieces like this while retaining the extrovertedness of her style... and yet only turn out one dress like this every 5-6 years!

Fendi puts a nice twist on eyelet with this graphically cutout piece. Fendi is another Italian... yikes, it's like I'm redefining myself in pictures or something... I appreciate the freshness of this look, and hope they do more like it!

Last, but not least, Lanvin offers up the only piece in COLOR! Well, the embellishment is in color at least. And check out the shoes! My only concern is that the weight of this strapless number would pull down the top, making room for the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Whew! Good thing I'm broke and will never wear it! Let's just enjoy it for the glamour...



Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Ok, hear goes...

1st, I've been wearing my red lips for years - I just go in and out of style but darned if I don't love red lips. Thankfully Joel loves them too. I've had friends "go red" based on my "influence" - It's a Marilyn thang!

2nd, Without knowing it cut my hair to this springs length and am loving it - can't wait to see yours!

and now I'll stop with the numbers-and give my ops on your wonderful post-

-I too LOVE boat stripes, how a stripe can be so feminine and sexy I don't know but I always feel both when wearing a shirt like that.
-If I hand the legs I'd probably have a hard time not showing them off!
-I would feel like such a clown in sinched pants, a real, real clown.
-I could get that Ralph Lauren look with a kakhi shirt from the Goodwill, some scissors, a jar of gold glitter and some Elmers.
-YSL - What a wonderful photo, - a nod to pinups and old Hollywood glamour, I'm all about it.
-Dig the Prada to the left and right, the middle? not so much.
-The boxy Calvin Dresses? I mean why even waste your time designing that sh--.
-The Cavelli botanical dress was pretty and really botanical, were those the Genus Species names in calligraphy along the bottom?
-C.K's pret-a-porter black and white circle dress was something I would snatch up in a second if could, timeless.
-I kinda like Donatella, especially on SNL, did you ever see the "Spongebob Queer Pants" skit? Hilarious.
-Fendi, a new take on little girl Eyelet, Love-et.

and last but not least,

-That LAVIN ensemble was about all I could handle, but the shoes about put me over the edge, I don't know how heavy the would be but I'd wear those babies to do the dishes!

What a wonderful post! I only dream of a new magazine! Right now I am settling for the Sephora catalog! Thank you so much for this!

cityfarmer said...

thank you, now I won't have to buy the issue.

Seriously ... I adore the casual ...and I like the menswear look, but would need to be thinner to pull it off ...

I really really DO enjoy working out.
The swimming thingy is almost effortless, it's the cold water that's the punishment part.

call me~~miss you

Victoria said...

Ha! We have the same (or similar- since yours is studio made I'm sure it's much cleaner) haircut! That is too funny. I LOVE this length, it's classy and still maintains the long hair desire of mine.
If I could buy one thing from this issue it is the CK dot dress. You hit the nail on the head- timeless.

SCF- I think you could definitely do the menswear thing. A lot of people hate on her, but Diane Keaton has had that look since annie hall, and it really works for her. You love those boxy blazers; if you add some wide leg pants you'd be shocked how cool it looks! I've found them to also be an instant slimmer, which is nice for the spring since winter i don't bike and my legs looks icky.

cityfarmer said...

I've had a thing for Diane K. for years....she's one classy lady...did you ever see the movie "Baby Boom"...this was my first exposure to's precious.

Stephanie H. said...

How did Calvin Klein produce both those funny bag dresses and that fantastic black and white geometric print flawless dress? The black and white one is fabulous.

This is a great summary. Thanks for giving us the scoop.

vicki archer said...

Love your Vogue recap and very happy to hear that my hair is the correct length. I am off to buy the magazine - need some temptation and eye candy. Such a fun post - thank you, xv.

Victoria said...

Stephnie- I don't know! Kinda makes you think CK takes that "two sides of your brain" thing quite literally when creating... He's obviously in touch with what a regular girl wants so why both with the paper bags??

CFarmer- Ha! I loved that movie when I was young. I think I saw it with my mom who, coincidentally, also had a little Diane Keaton fashion sense goin' on in the 80s.

Vicki- Hi! Thanks for reading. I think this blog might benefit from my incorporating more of my feminine life into it... this will hopefully be the first post of those. Glad we have the same hair! Makes us all trendy I guess :)

徵信社 said...

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