September 4, 2009

Give Glenn Another Listen

People, Glenn Beck is so back on my side bar.

About six months ago, he deviated from his normal "Americans, it's not your fault but you aren't getting the real news" line to a "common sense" (meaning, the common sense he imagines Americans have) approach. At the time I balked against it because all I could think - it being only a short time after the election - was, "No way! Americans have just shown how sensible they are by electing a socialist!"

But I underestimated Beck in both his understanding of just how deep the socialist ties run in the new White House, and his tenacity to unearth them.

I've been looking for a new companion in conservatism to fill the void in my soul where Michael Savage used to comfortably reside. The personal hit Savage took when added to the British black list has left him more disillusioned than ever and, understandably, primarily focused on getting his name off the list. While I appreciate his instinct of self-preservation, as well as his desiring public recognition that he was named very injustly, I do think his show has suffered because of it. You can tell by the phone-ins; the spirited urges from passionate listeners for him to run for office are much fewer and farther between, and have taken on a resolutely disappointed tone. So long as Savage remains on that list, I can't listen to his show. It just doesn't have the heart it used to. I sincerely worry that the whole ordeal will sour him to radio permanently. He's said as much on the air already.

But what's a girl to do? Give up on talk radio altogether because her favorite is in a funk? No. The idea of intentionally seeking out a new host seemed weird, though, too. So it was with a kind of welcomed happenstance that Glenn Beck caught my ear again.

There are times when, despite the conglomoration of fellow reporters being in agreement, someone steps up and says, "You're all 180 degrees off." The time when the emperor having no clothes needs to be exposed (pun intended) is now. Peter Schiff is the child pointing fingers in the financial realm, and Glenn Beck is the new go-to guy for exposing the socialist tendencies of our President and his newly-appointed czars.

If you're keeping up, Van Jones is the most recent of these, and a triple whammy at that. Not only is he a black nationalist, but it turns out he's a 9/11 truther and a supported of the re-trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a man who murdered a police officer in Philadelphia about ten years ago.

Glenn Beck manages to stay on top of all this via both his radio show and his t.v. program, choosing to report exactly what he digs up, regardless of the mainstream media's bullying of him as being a conspiracy theorist.

If anyone can be called a conspiracy theorist, it's Van Jones, not Beck.

I've even heard other conservative hosts chide him a little. Once Dennis Miller said Beck is, "a little too pro-wrestling" style for his liking. But, to Miller's credit, he did cite Beck as being on top of stories like no one else.

Glenn Beck has been taking a lot of flack this week, from msm sources as well as the online prank group "Anonymous," who launched a multisite attack on Beck a couple of days ago, in an attempt to slander him viciously. Their allegation is that he raped and murdered an underage girl in 1990. Sorry, but if Beck has gotten this group to perpetrate such allegations, he must be saying something they don't want him to. I wonder which of his recent shows has them really riled up? Perhaps the one where he said what many people are thinking, that President Obama seems to have a problem with white people, and it comes out in his "social justice" rhetoric.

Below is a clip from Beck's Thursday show, talking about Van Jones first, then discussing the recent coverage of his hometown's decision to give him the key to the city. My favorite moment is when he reveals the number of protesters to that decision. The guy is human, he's got some great insight and deserves your attention.

Enjoy, have a nice weekend and a great Labor Day.


Bonjour Madame said...

His show is even entertaining. I think he's funny. And sometimes I need a little humor mixed in with all the stories coming out.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

THIS was great! I try to catch his TV program on Fox, but it is on at 5pm, and I am usually in the kitchen by then.

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhh you are a very very good ambassadors för the blog-sphere.... I love your blog!

Regards from Agneta in Sweden


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