September 15, 2009

Real Journalism

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe are my new heroes. These two are the brains behind the Acorn exposure videos. Finally, some real journalism. It's refreshing and invigorating to see that Hannah hasn't been deterred by the media's poor handling of the news; she saw a problem and wanted to fix it, not avoid it. I could learn a lesson...

And here are the videos, in the order they've been released:

Baltimore, MD

Washington D.C.

Brooklyn, NY

San Bernadino, CA

1 comment:

Maria said...

I'm visiting from FarmGirlCyn's!

Do you believe these two beginners, in their 20's, are scooping the network 'news?' Those 20 million dollar props they call news anchors? (sorry... this is really frying my brains) It's so crazying isn't it!?
The 7 senators who voted to keep funding for Acorn are such an embarrassment.
I'm going to keep praying!


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