September 6, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Van Jones resigns

This morning, citing what he called a "vicious smear campaign" as the catalyst, Energy Czar Van Jones resigned from the position at the White House. *Click here to read his "I'm resigning for you, not for me" explanation.

Think about this for a minute: airing video and audio clips - of Jones saying he's a black nationalist, that he strongly believes radical change is needed for "social justice," that he thinks white environmentalists have essentially "poisoned black communities" because they don't understand black people, calling Republicans names - merely airing these clips is a smear campaign. What about the truth of his statements? There he is, saying these things, and even as they aired recently, not entirely taking them back. You get the feeling Jones reluctantly apologized for his statements, but still internally stands behind them.

The bad side of this resignation: Jones will not likely disappear completely, but will probably play a significant role under the radar that White House "czar" positions are beholden to.

The good side: NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Times, the New York Times didn't have a story on this guy until this morning. Keep in mind that the past associations - not to mention his two arrests for riot activity - started to surface late Wednesday of last week. So, the conservative blogs, talk radio and Fox News (practically Glenn Beck singlehandedly!) were able to bring this guy's past into the light.

Makes you rethink the mainstream media's assertions that conservative media is a small, powerless group, doesn't it?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

We knew it was just a mater of time. I figured for sure by Tuesday morning he would either have resigned or have been fired. One many to go???

Victoria said...

Obama had 31 czars, so it's down to 30.

If one every two days stepped down, we could be rid of them before Christmas! But that's probably wishful thinking. And they might not all be bad. I should do a post about them all...


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