September 10, 2009

Old News

In honor of President Obama not saying anything new in his health care speech last night, here is some old news from our corner of the world.

About two weeks ago, we attended the wedding of Nic's friend Ed and his new wife Sam. The service was in a beautiful spot in downtown Chicago; beautiful both inside and out, as you will see in the photos below. The ceremony took place outside in the courtyard, sheltered by brick buildings covered in, you guessed it, cascading ivy. The weather was great and the thoughtfulness of having a cocktail-refreshment hour prior to the ceremony - which took place at a time most of us would have wanted to be eating dinner - was very much appreciated.

I love hanging out with Julia (of friends Young and Julia), pretending to take professional photos when in fact neither one of us has read our manuals yet! This is a source of guilt for both of us, but we're both self-professed lazy in that area. It's fun to just experiment and see what you come up with, too.

That said, here are some faux professional photos I took that day. Some of them turned out pretty cool; then again, how can you go wrong taking pics of super people and their well-behaved offspring? I think I have more pictures of Caitlyn that Julia does! She's just so darn cute.


Pre-ceremony cocktail hour.

Flower girls, swirling and twirling away in adorable taffeta.

The courtyard decorated for the ceremony.

Ed and his nephews, "best men in waiting."


Everybody happy to celebrate with Ed and Sam.

Program for the event.

Sam had three dresses for her weddings - the first ceremony took place traditionally Catholic with only immediate family. She got to wear the other two dresses at this ceremony.

Shadows from the lanterns lining the ballroom at the Ivy.

Nic, Young, Ed and Peter.


Aunt Julee said...

Looks like a happy day! I love the photos! ;-)

Victoria said...

Yes, it was a lot of fun. How can you go wrong with a family that loves to dance? :)


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