June 13, 2009

Four Months in Photos

It's been a busy 1/3 of the year. Here to explain are some photos I've taken while we scrambled around three states. I do hope this explains a little why my posting has been so inconsistent!

P.S. This begins a week-long series of photo posts, since N suggested I should let someone else see them. Reluctantly, I agree. Please do your best to ignore how random the order is... Hope you enjoy!


We've seen many sunsets while on the road between MI, WI and IL.

Pousse-Pousse likes to stay home and watch for birds.

The birds I've seen have mostly been through the sun roof.

Visiting an old stomping ground while conferencing in Chicago.

When it finally thawed, I used these tools to cultivate...


and these.
The garden has sprung back to life. I'm sorry to be leaving it.

In between Madison trips, we got to see this little cutie.

And I would've helped blow out the candles, but was told, "No ladies allowed!"

On a Chicago pass-through we saw hot pink hydrangeas and had sushi.

We also got to visit with this hot pink chica and her hospitable parents. Oh, and the newest addition to their family...

Pousse, once again left at home, snoozed and dreamed of running down long hallways in a new apartment.

I miss dearly spots like this little backyard barbeque when we leave.

But, home is where the scrabble is, and we can take it with to a new city.

As long as he has these shelves to climb, P is happy anywhere.

In a month or so, we leave Kzoo and head back out on the road...

More photos to come of the new city of residence...


cityfarmer said...

you my dear , just have a way!
I was lost in photo captivity.

ALSO want to say Happy Anniversary!!!!
It was a day such as today ... clear, sunny, and wedding-ish!

What are the moving plans?

love to you both

Aunt Julee & Uncle Mark said...

Happy Anniversay Nic and Victoria! We're here at the farm until July 7 if you can manage a swing south.

I walked out among the wedding lawns this morning and became drunk with memories. Let's make some more.

Loved every photo!


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