June 26, 2009

World Scientists to U.S. on Global Warming: Chill Out!

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Nothing satisfies me more these days than seeing a foreign nation going public with its own declaration of right-on opinions.

Personally, I've long since stopped caring about the "global warming debate" because I am so convinced that mankind is not primarily responsible for the Earth's heating and cooling cycles, and no amount of Al Gore scare-tastic facts will dissuade me. I say phooey to wind power, biodiesel cars, those fancy (read: expensive) lightbulbs and, especially, a cap and trade bill! Way to take the gas (literally) out of our auto industry, Pres. O!

But I am thrilled to see that scientists in other countries are speaking up - maybe out of sheer frustration with the U.S.'s refusal to give creedence to scientific evidence that doesn't support their agenda - in opposition to the cap and trade bill being pushed by Congress (being voted on today, by the way). Some nations have even eliminated global-warming friendly laws and squelched any new legislation of its kind from popping up.

Check out this article on The Wall Street Journal online and be encouraged! If you've previously been considered a global warming "denier" (pretty scathing language if you think about other references to historical denials), you'll be happy to know the rest of the world is more with you than against you.

Happy Friday! Let's celebrate the (hopefully) denial of the cap and trade bill by setting off all those fun non-eco-friendly fireworks you've been saving!

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Hey--love your blog! And I watch Charles "The Hammer" every night at 4:40 mountain time ;-)


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